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    Apple Investment Company scammed us!

    Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd deliberately mislead me in their words, product literature and online, into purchasing an "education package" on Forex Trading. I did not receive an education package and Apple Investment Company refused to give me a refund. What I received was gambling...
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    Apple Investment Co.

    It is interesting to note that the previous reports on the AIC have common threads. The software timing out and cancelling trades for no apparent reason. I do not believe even AIC know the reason for this. My experiences included being blamed for closing trades in auto-trade mode, tampering with...
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    Apple Investment Company & FxCalibre

    I was cold called in March 2010 and sent the brochure by mail. A few days later I was given the online demo where it was explained that this what the banks do with my money. Mention was made of McDonald's and consistency. FxCalibre claimed to trade consistently and profitably. A trader was...
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    fx calibre and Apple Investment Company

    my forex experience using FX Calibre software with Apple Investment Company instead of a 'guaranteed' 13% monthly return, i had a loss of nearly 12% after almost 4 weeks:unhappy: instead of a 24mth unconditional guarantee on satisfaction, i recieved a lame excuse on needing to trade for 24mths...
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    Apple Investment Company - Fx Calibre

    “I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.