apple investment co

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    Apple Investment Co.

    It is interesting to note that the previous reports on the AIC have common threads. The software timing out and cancelling trades for no apparent reason. I do not believe even AIC know the reason for this. My experiences included being blamed for closing trades in auto-trade mode, tampering with...
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    fx calibre and Apple Investment Company

    my forex experience using FX Calibre software with Apple Investment Company instead of a 'guaranteed' 13% monthly return, i had a loss of nearly 12% after almost 4 weeks:unhappy: instead of a 24mth unconditional guarantee on satisfaction, i recieved a lame excuse on needing to trade for 24mths...
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    Apple Investment Company - Fx Calibre

    “I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.