1. luck13

    My Arbitrage Trading Account with Grinta-Invest

    Hi there, opened this thread to share my trading experience on arbitrage account. Broker: Grinta-Invest Account: Real Arbitrage System: Technical Trading: Automated Leverage: 1:10 Started: August, 2019 Total Deposit: € 30,000 Withdrawals: € 9,534 My account is shared and verified by myfxbook
  2. S

    XM ( Trading Point Holdings Ltd ) removed profits generated from legal news trading

    On 8th January 2015 I received the below email from XM. I was not arbitrage trading but using a sophisticated news feed and trigger system to trade news events, something that is completely legal and which my trade history will support. I asked XM to provide proof of their accusations on several...
  3. AppleXY

    Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"

    Hey guys, back again. What do you peps think about Jason Fielder's "FX Arbitrage"? Is anyone going to try it? I might just test it out because arbitrages do occur time to time and looks pretty practical to me (unlike theoretical arbitrages such as the natural currency compared to the synethic...