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    I beleive I have been scammed/ Opened a overseas acct with AskoBid with usd1000.00/ I was to have a mt4 platform and 1 year of mentoring/ Use visa to send money / the salesperson ws BRIAN GREEN / AskoBid claims they have not received the moneyThey did send me a demo acct. Frank Larson
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    Askobid stole deposit of 250$

    It is my first post on your forum, so "Hello everyone" :) I have opened an account to ask you for advice. Some time ago I opened an account on Askobid company and deposited 250$. For some reason it was imposibble to make any transactions (there was some error). So I mailed support to get...
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    askobid - SCAM

    I have an account with askobid. The first time I tried to make a withdrawal, they were slow and there were a few minor hassles, but the withdrawal was made and everything was ok. This time I have repeatedly submitted my request and they don't even answer my e-mails. I have e-mailed every...