atom 8

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    Atom8 David Andrews Scam Me Twenty Thousand USD

    Over 2 years I build solid ground of trust with David Andrews and he tricked me in the end. He trick me and my company to place $20K into his own back pocket. He said he will give me big returns in other project for option trading but he lies. I want all the people to know that this man is...
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    Atom8 Scammed Me Out Of $80K in Swaps

    Dear FPA I am writing to you after now 2 months from my initial complaint against Mr David Andrews, the Atom8 CEO. We have also complained to the FCA Ombudsman and are awaiting a conclusion to this absurd matter. We want the Trading community to be weary of the innocent charm of Mr David...
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    Atom8 Scam with David Andrews CEO Churning Client Money

    Since reading the last post, I wanted to also add my 2 cents about Atom8 and particularly David Andrews, the lying scoundrel. He traded my Money and lost $100,000. He said he will try to make money on the account but in the end lost all the funds and instead earned large commissions from the...
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    Atom8 Scam Providing B Book

    Readers, you should all know that Atom8 is not a Direct Market Access provider but is a Market maker. They are trading against you and will widen your spreads. They promised me 0.2 on EURUSD which they showed me on the Demo with a low commission because of high deposit, but since I make money...