1. sarfarajpatel

    Market Commentary:SELL AUDCHF

    SELL AUDCHF ENTRY 0.6125 TP OPNE SL 0.6197 Trend continuation in the AUD/CHF following a significant volatility spike to the downside. A price action pullback has done 0.62000 zone before shorting to target. Last weeks 0.62 was smashed and we believe bearish momentum in the market will...
  2. sarfarajpatel

    Analysis: AUDCHF SELL

    Bearish momentum continues to control the AUD/CHF. Following the completion of the pullback, we feel a continuation of the bear trend is probable. Our key level this week for the AUD/CHF is 0.62000 which has been calculated from the completion of the pullback and the continuation of the trend...
  3. Mark Mc Donnell

    Today's AUD/CHF and CAD/CHF Sell Signal

    Today in forex trading the CHF was strong on all pairs, driving strong price movement and trading opportunities. The trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and chart movement for these pairs is shown below in the images. For a complete assessment of the AUD/CHF and the other CHF pairs go to the...
  4. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current AUD Trading Plans

    GBP/AUD – strong down trend in place set sell alarm at 1.5185, target area is the 1.4800 area. AUD/NZD – strong up trend nearly formed set buy alarm at 1.2795, target is now the 1.3000 area. AUD/CHF – strong up trend in place set buy alarm at 0.9900, target is 1.0300 area When the...
  5. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current AUD Trading Plans

    The AUD is weak across the board. EUR/AUD – strong up trend look for buy signal in the main session, target is around 1.2800 GBP/AUD – strong up trend look for buy signal in the main session, target price is around 1.6000-1.6100 AUD/NZD – strong down trend set sell alarm at 1.2375...