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  1. moneytree123

    BOAFX Monday 28/9/15 Analysis AUD/USD

    AUD/USD Fundamentals: - There has not been any new information coming from the RBA over the past week and the economic calendar is looking light for the coming week as well. The slowdown in growth in China has had an effect on the Aussie which was the main instigator of the downtrend last...
  2. moneytree123

    AUD/USD where do we go from here? by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    After the breakout of the big "W" pattern earlier in the month we predicted that a reversal would be in sight to around the breakout point. This week we have seen that happen as we predicted and start back on the bullish trend to our target of 0.9400. After going through the target to 0.9440 and...