1. C

    Speculators Flip to Long Side of USD

    CFTC Commitments of Traders Report, 20 November 2012. The current COT report show that the net combined position of currency speculators flipped to the long side of the USD. Flipping positions is not a common occurrence. Currency speculators had been short the USD for the past three months...
  2. C

    CashBackForex Technical Analysis: COT Report

    CFTC Commitments of Traders Report, 06 November 2012. Speculators continue to cover their short USD positions, taking the net position down to only 42,006 contracts from last week's total of 75,689 contracts. When dissecting the aggregate net position, there are some interesting trends. [What...
  3. C

    Peculiar Timing for Bank of Canada's Hawkish Warning

    USDCAD. Markets have been under pressure this week. Currently, the Dow is down 1.6% to 13,132, and WTI crude is trading under 87 per barrel. This does not mean that the markets will not reverse but the bearish catalyst has been disappointing earnings. And so, against the backdrop of falling...
  4. C

    Speculators Reduce Their USD Currency Shorts

    COT (Commitment of Traders) Report, 09 October 2012. During the latest COT reporting period, currency speculators, in the aggregate, reduced their USD short position by over 107K contracts. From the peak USD short position of 267,878 contracts on September 25th, that position has been reduced to...
  5. C

    Technical and Sentiment, EUR and AUDUSD

    ECB President Mario Draghi took his team of traveling bankers to Ljubljana, Slovenia, population about 272K, and about 801km. away from Frankfurt. Despite the new venue, it does not appear the bankers have any different policies that will address the various needs and wishes of all parties...
  6. H

    Just successfully traded my first news spike.

    AUDUSD and the RBA announcement that it would cut rates by .25 basis points. The reason Im posting is to give credit where credit is due, the major motivator behind trading the news came from these forums. Thanks for the PIPs FPA!! :cool:
  7. C

    Speculators Reduce USD Long by Over 45,000 Contracts - COT Data 24 July 2102

    The latest COT report shows that speculators reduced their net USD long by 45,518 contracts. The biggest shifts occurred in the yen and the Australian Dollar. In the yen speculators flipped from a net short position of 7,323 to a net long of 12,201 contracts. The Australian Dollar benefitted...
  8. Mark Mc Donnell

    Today' USD Strength and Trades

    Today in forex trading the USD strengthened on all pairs. This drove strong movement on the AUD/USD and USD/JPY. See the live trading signals and price chart movement in the images below. For a full assment of the USD pairs click on the link. This trading system including live signals for 28...
  9. Jarratt Davis

    Trading Outlook – AUD/USD

    Originally updated: 7:50am London Time Trading Bias: SHORT Currency pair: AUD/USD Current Sentiment: Bearish In today's trading session we will be focusing on selling opportunities on the AUD/USD. Fundamentals: Markets were relatively quiet overnight although both AUD and NZD...
  10. moneytree123

    AUD/USD where do we go from here? by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    After the breakout of the big "W" pattern earlier in the month we predicted that a reversal would be in sight to around the breakout point. This week we have seen that happen as we predicted and start back on the bullish trend to our target of 0.9400. After going through the target to 0.9440 and...
  11. LiteForex

    Análisis del mercado por LiteForex

    Análisis del mercado por LiteForex Nubes Ichimoku. Revisión de AUD/USD El Banco de Reserva de Australia ha mantenido las tasas de interés en el 2.5%, favoreciendo así al dólar australiano. Hasta el momento el par ha tenido un rally alcista de aproximadamente 100 pips, tocando su máximo...
  12. C

    Speculators' Short USD Position Up Again - Commitment of Traders (COT) Technical Analysis

    COT (Commitment of Traders) COT Report, 25 September 2012. Once again the speculators combined net short position in the USD climbed higher. It is now up to 267,878 total contracts in the currencies and the DI tabulated below. The only remaining USD long position was versus the euro. There...
  13. C

    Technical Analysis Commitment of Traders (COT) Data

    Currency Spec Load Up Long the Commodity Currencies. Mention quantitative easing and currency speculators behave like wild packs of Pavlov's dogs, rushing to get loaded on the long side of the commodity currencies. The total spec long in the Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Dollar soared to...
  14. C

    Speculators Slash USD Net Long Positions

    In the reporting period ended on July 1st, the aggregate net USD long was reduced by 89.4K contracts, approximately about one third of the previous total long. With the total USD long down to 174,734 contracts, this is the smallest long position specs have had in the USD since the report of May...