1. sarfarajpatel

    Market Commentary:SELL AUDCHF

    SELL AUDCHF ENTRY 0.6125 TP OPNE SL 0.6197 Trend continuation in the AUD/CHF following a significant volatility spike to the downside. A price action pullback has done 0.62000 zone before shorting to target. Last weeks 0.62 was smashed and we believe bearish momentum in the market will...
  2. sarfarajpatel

    Analysis: AUDCHF SELL

    Bearish momentum continues to control the AUD/CHF. Following the completion of the pullback, we feel a continuation of the bear trend is probable. Our key level this week for the AUD/CHF is 0.62000 which has been calculated from the completion of the pullback and the continuation of the trend...