automated trading

  1. gri7614

    Financial Speculator since 2014

    Expert Advisor on Metatrader 4 Here we can view and analyze the history of our Expert Advisors present from 2020 to today on real accounts, using the Metatrader 4 platform. Since December 2023 we have been sharing our operations in real time! Click Here Expert Advisor on...
  2. luck13

    My Arbitrage Trading Account with Grinta-Invest

    Hi there, opened this thread to share my trading experience on arbitrage account. Broker: Grinta-Invest Account: Real Arbitrage System: Technical Trading: Automated Leverage: 1:10 Started: August, 2019 Total Deposit: € 30,000 Withdrawals: € 9,534 My account is shared and verified by myfxbook
  3. trinidad316

    Automated Algorthmic Trading COLLABO!

    Hey Trading Community. Been conjuring up a way to turn my dream into a reality by engineering an automated forex trading solution!!! I am currently trading an algorithm on 1-5 minute charts based on mean reversion and basic price action principles (mostly that of Bob Volman). Have a few...
  4. ForexInfoBook

    Forex Blogs ForexInfoBook EA Reviews of Best Scalper and iProfit HFT

    ForexInfoBook has completed its review of iProfit HFT MT4 EA based on six years of real trading history. It is surprising to see an MT4 EA continue performing well for so many years without any hype. iProfit is not the regular “run-of-the-mill” EA, and promises to be a great tool for serious...
  5. P

    Hello all

    Hello AL FPA Users. I am here to learn about Forex automated trading. I want to know more about EA.
  6. GainCraft

    Indicator Cross Robots new wizard - on GainCraft platform

    Indicator Cross Robots wizard - on GainCraft platform, new wizard type - ready visual Automated Systems in few clicks. New GainCraft platform version (2.30) is released. What is new: Several bug fixes + small improvements. The main feature - it is new type Strategy Builder/Wizard or Assistant...

    TradingFXVPS: Benefits of using VPS vs Home PC for Forex Trading

    If you have been into forex trading for a while, it is highly unlikely that you are unaware of how a lot of people make use of a reliable VPS in order to trade forex rather than using home PC. If you happen to be someone who are looking into the benefits of choosing a VPS for forex trading, then...

    TradingFXVPS | Datacenter from Equinix at London & Frankfurt

    TradingFXVPS proudly presents you VPS hosted from Datacenter – Equinix, at London & Frankfurt. This allow us to reduce our latency between VPS and broker dramatically, achieving 1ms – 3ms for majors brokers locating in London & Frankfurt. This service is based on VMware Virtualization. We employ...
  9. Thot

    Anyone Heard of "Pips Velocity"?

    Hello, I just received a mass e-mail about "Pips Velocity" by lloyd Richmond. It sports (like all of them) impressive results. What made me hold from clicking "delete" is that this system supposedly "...scrapes the Internet for keywords found on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and...
  10. Mr Patient

    Automated Trading with NinjaTrader

    Hi Not sure whether this is the right forum for this post so bear with me (also to the moderators: I am not advertising any of the companies below, simply looking for advice from FPA members) I currently Trade futures with avafx on the avatrader platform. however pending what i expect...