1. J

    AUU Global Limited - How I got scammed

    Attached is a roundup of how I fell for a forex trading scam. Hope it helps others who've been scammed and warns people of what can happen if you let your guard down.
  2. T

    Auu Global Limited

    tuğrul sancaktar 00:11 (19 dakika önce) Alıcı: Forex I wish you a good day. I met a girl named sand wu on facebook on 01.12.2020. He first said that he liked me and wanted to marry me. so he said he had to make a lot of money.I invested in Auu Global Limited. the...
  3. Najdoff

    Problem withdrawl from AUU Global limited

    Enybody have solution to recovery founds from Auu Global limited, I was scamed, and now I cant back money. If someone have solution please tell me. Thanks