ava capital markets

  1. T

    Avafx Withdraw MAYHEM - these thugs are as bad as ytfx

    Ok I will start from the Top I own a IB Company in New Zealand, I connect people to brokers once upon a time Ytfx Australia looked after me and my clients (no other ytfx branch just Aus branch had some decency) I was told things were find and to continue referring, So a few months...
  2. comingbacksoon

    Problem Avatrade Aka ava MetaTrader SCAMMED ME!!! acount #6295194

    :mad: they called me first day of eat al fater( first day after ramadan month ended) All bank was closed so the custmercare insisite to invite me and my sister as we had informations online becose of trading with other companies so i start sending all id and financal documents and this is my...
  3. B

    Problem www.avatrade.com is not processing withdrawals!

    Hello, i'm getting worried because "Ava Capital Markets ltd" is not processing my withdrawals! As you can see in the screenshot, the 8th of april they deducted 4000 eur, and few days ago they have put back the amount without giving me explanations. In the meanwhile I requested also the...
  4. G

    Problem www.avatrade.com

    Hello, I have requested a withdrawal of 4918.57 euro on the 20th of March. They subtracted the amount from my trading account. 4 days later they added back the amount to the trading account without any explanation. In the statement it appeared "Deposit Canceled Withdrawal" (statement...
  5. T

    RESOLVED - AvaFX/AvaTrade cancelled profits of $9188.54

    An agreement with Ava has been reached and I consider the issue to be resolved. I would like to thank Ava for reaching a resolution. Dear FPA members and moderator/admin, I would like to detail how Ava decided to take $9188.54 from me with little regard to applicable regulation. On July...
  6. S

    Ava Capital Markets Limited or AvaFx - Scam

    Hi Fellow Traders, Here is brief description of my experience with AvaFx : I have taken 2 traded on Nikkie225 on 13th June 2013 before market closes UK time and market opens again at 23:46 GMT. When market opened at the usual time both my trades were stopped out at prices 12925 and 12950...