1. Maxim94

    Avatrade not completing the deposit

    I have opened my account on Wednesday and made a deposit right away also sent all required files for verification. However an alert message told me the deposit will be added in 24 Hours to my account. Been 3 working days since then and my deposit is still pending. Tried to call them but once I...
  2. J


    Avatrade are a Joke. Set up account on 3rd Dec, Verified by 4th December when Jason Lahmi (account manager) called me to say I should be trading live by 6th Dec. My funds cleared from pay pal on 8th but still none of my 2000 US dollars in my account 7 days later. SENT NUMEROUS EMAILS TO JL to...
  3. crutrader


    Not possible to make any withdrawals, no email confirmation after the attempts. They have stopped responding to my emails. Phone number doesnt really work. Chat is useless, only empty promises.
  4. M


    they never respond ...i sent a deposit by payal it is still two days in pending ....no answers the phone and i started a dispute case with paypal they never respond on the phone ....want to cancel the account and i do not recommend it to anyone at all
  5. H

    Avatrade not processing my withdrawal

    Hi guys, I recently deposited some funds into my AvaTrade account and uploaded all of the documents to the myava page as requested. I then received an email saying deposit had been accepted and credited to my account which was now verified. I later put in my details to withdraw the funds to my...
  6. TRUJohn1302

    Avatrade scam

    Avatrade will not give me my money back, I made a small deposit and they claim I have to withdraw the money to the same account I have deposited with. I do not have access to that account for years, and they are impeaching me access to my money claiming that I still have ownership of the money...
  7. hungtri

    Avatrade withdraw problem

    I submitted a withdraw 1 week ago and no reply from them. I sent them email but no reply. I call them, (I am working in switzerland but can not speak Swiss-german) I asked them that could you speak English ? and he hung up !!! really **** !!! and I could not log in to my account (wrong password)...
  8. M

    Avatrade | Margin Called due to non-existent Account Manager and support

    I sent them an email but looks like I am getting ignored. Yesterday, my equity is running low so I need to deposit new funds. I tried Credit card and paypal deposit in their website but transaction is always failing or declined (I tried multiple credit cards, all are declined). I contact...
  9. C

    Avatrade Withdrawal Problem

    I have been trading on avatrade paltform since August 08 2017. I have made profit and current balance is 362625.07.I have been in constant touch with account manager and never heard about any issue with my trades. Profit is also lower then market condition where Crypto currency went up so much...
  10. H

    Avatrade Took $120 000 from me!!

    I am so infuriated right now because not only did they lock my account once I made $120 000, but my account manager literally has the worst communication I have seen from a broker. I had to wait a whole week for them to tell me why they had my account blocked. And after what I have read in this...
  11. J

    Ava Trade Scam

    I opened an account with Ava Trade last month, followed all of the steps uploaded all of the documents they asked for Everything was fine until I tried to withdraw my profits. You fill out how much you want to withdraw and a message pops up to say hat they are dealing with your request...
  12. R

    AVATRADE scam -- I am still owed my IB revenue share for 3 months

    Hello everyone, Avatrade.com has been turning me around over and over for almost 3 months now telling me they will send me my 1,720usd owed to me as a result of revenue share agreement i hold with them. They are trying hard to frustrate me to give up and stop asking me for the money but i will...
  13. A


    Me and 3 of my friends bought into AVA Trading, the first couple of days they show you profit Then all of a sudden they steel your money and they don't respond back to your emails unless you ask them that you want to deposit more money. This happened to me and 3 of my friends at the same time...
  14. P

    AvaTrade Stole $130,000 USD from My Account!!!

    On the biggest night of trading in the past year, AvaTrade closed a 15 Lot Gold trade and took $130,000 USD out of my trading account! That was 11 months ago during Mr. Trump’s election night. I’ve been very patient trying to get this issue resolved with AvaTrade but to no avail. We are now...
  15. L

    Avatrade Have Stolen My Deposit

    Hi all, be warned, these guys will f*** you over Avatrade are scammers and thieves, they have stolen my funds. I opened an Australian FX account and deposited several thousand dollars into their Australian bank account Avatrade Capital Markets Pty Ltd. Note: An AU account is regulated by...
  16. elmasrygroupco

    Avatrade withdrawal issue

    i reuqested withdraw from avatrade from friday and till now it's not proceeding and they not even answering any method (live chat) and all e-mails feedback, customer, arabiccs and 2 of account managers! they called me from 2 days and say we will proceed it and we send ticket to finance to...
  17. U

    Avatrade Withdrawal Nightmare

    Hello Fellow FPA members, I am having issues withdrawing money from Avatrade through Mastercard debit card. Depositing money to them took a few seconds. But when it came to withdrawing my deposits, it seems impossible to do it. They keep on saying that they already refunded my deposit but...
  18. renjer

    Another Withdrawal Problem From Avatrade

    Man I wish I had listened to Forex Peace Army about Avatrade. David Berman, my account manager was responsive when I talked to him about bonuses, and such. When the question of withdrawal arose, (yes they asked me to declare that "I forfeit my bonus", and I did) there was no longer any response...
  19. T


    I've used several different brokers IB programs. And when avatrade suggested me that I could get upto %25 of client's spread. At that time it was lucrative deal that I have brought some of my clients to Avatrade. But after making a deal with them, they said I have to cover %25 of new account...
  20. J

    Avatrade deposit scam.

    My account manager is Shamira Benjamin. They offer you all kinds of bonus. After you make a neteller deposit the customer service will ignore you and not update you of your deposit status. I've been waiting 3 days for their reply. My neteller deposit is still not on my account. Customer service...