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    AVS Carter SCAM

    Dear all, A couple of days ago we got a wrong price feed (actually happened thre times in a couple of minutes) in USDJPY that moved price 1700 pips and closed all our positions after a margin call erasing 7000 EUR in a matter of seconds. We have been trying to contact the company for the...
  2. pipfull

    AVS carter is known as scam now

    this is the fifth month that the AVS carter company has not payed its clients funds. all of the AVS carter clients are now complainants.this company has embezzled all of its clients funds and now disappeared.they have also disabled the accounts of their clients. the companies they have...
  3. S

    Is AVS Carter a scam?

    I found recently an interesting blog about AVS Carter and I want to know what you think about this just read this and let others know about it: Francesc’s Weblog » Forex Fraud - NFA permanently bars Chicago Forex firm AVS Carter Financial Inc I hope Mojtaba Ghodsi will receive his money back...
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