axe cc

  1. C

    The Criminals @ and .io

    In 2018 I had 63,000 ready to withdraw and immediately my access to my account was closed and no amount of emails were ever answered. I have tried many ways to get access to this account, as that was the money for my retirement. Firstly I had a lady trader, but the going was slow, so I did the...
  2. M

    Axecc : money not released into my account

    I joined AXECC - AXE crypto currency - Vortex Capital Ltd - Solid Capital Limited in Sept 2017. A lady by name Joyce Duke registered me and I supplied all the documents to her.The account managers were Frank Lewis, then it changed to Jonas van Doorn and finally Alex Jones.There approach were the...
  3. D

    Buongiorno,sono stata truffata di oggi

    Buongiorno rimarete stupiti forse ma io in banca ho chiesto supporto per fare charge back ma loro mi hanno risposto che non possono fare questa operazione perche non ho da dinunciare un prodotto mancante o arrivato in stato di degrado! Poi per 2000 euro nessun giornalista si impegna! Provero ad...


    Con este documento pretendo denunciar, lo que considero una estafa, por parte de AXECC, empresa con la siguiente denominación Axe Crypto Currency (AxeCC) . En la pagina web, tiene sus datos relativos a otra empresa,Solid Capital Ltd, Republic of Marshall Islands, Trust Company Complex. Realice...
  5. L

    Hi, I opened an account with and they keep cancelling mywithdrawal

    Hi, I opened an account with and I want to make a withdrwal but they keep cancelling my withdrawal, I need help on getting my funds back . Please help .
  6. H

    Scammed by Axecc

    I am one of a group of about 20 persons who were scammed by Axecc in May, 2018. Someone going by the name of Andrew and another as Tomas Miller deducted monies from our bank accounts promising large returns from trading in Crypto currencies. In early May, 2018, Tomas Miller presented us with a...
  7. liang ling

    I have been trying to contact but they are not responding to me.

    I made my first deposit in december and began trading with this platform, it was a big mistake not checking up on this website before i made my first deposit. I deposited 1k usd into the account. At the start he was very responsive, be it by phone or by email. But nothing much was being done to...
  8. DMecha

    Problem y axecc

    Esta empresa no me deja hacer retiradas de dinero. La bróker al ver que quiero retirar y que no quiero ingresar, ha perdido el interés y ya no quiere hablar conmigo. No consigo hablar con nadie. Necesito ayuda para poder retirar el dinero y para que no engaňan a más gente. Parece una empresa...
  9. T

    Vortex Capital Ltd (AXECC-AXE crypto currency) Ignoring the withdrawal request

    I opened an account in October 2017 with Vortex Capital Ltd using AXECC software platform for trading. A lady by the name of Monica opened an account for me and handed over the account to wealth manager by the name of Frank Lewis. Frank traded the account on my behalf and he was not trading the...