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    B4 Binary, BBB Markets & Zurich Prime DEFRAUDED & SCAMMED

    I've been defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Mike Kovrovski of B4 Binary, David Weizmann of BBB Markets and Simon Brooke, Richie Valentine and Dylan Ray. I started by thinking I was investing and spreading the risk but they were all scams and most likely related. I can be...
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    B4Binary.com will not allow withdrawals

    B4Binary.com is there just to take your money. They will not allow withdrawals. I have invested $35K U.S. but they never approve my withdrawal requests. I am dealing with Mike Kovrovsky (account manager) and Zack Peterson (CEO). My current value of investments is approx $200K. But I see no end...
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    B4Binary.com Binary SCAM Broker: Fraud - Theft of money from Closed account

    I have been Scammed by B4Binary.com for the full amount of $14,097.00. Last December 2015 I opened a Managed Trading Account with B4Binary.com. B4Binary began trading for me in December 2015, I had by the 7 March deposited a total of +- $2750.00 into my account. By 12 July 2016, I suspected...