1. T

    Weird issue with MT4 Backtest

    Hi there, I have just backtested three pairs and began the forth pair. The optimiser begins OK with two or three passes, then, all following passes return a zero result. I know the data is OK, and I have reinstalled MT4 from scratch. The first three pairs were EUR USD, EUR GBP and USD JPY...
  2. Stefx News

    Tickdata suite settings

    Hi guys! i would like to share my tickdata suite settings for backtest to undestand if, for your opinion, are suitable to test an alghoritmic and generic ea (i know that there is not only a backtest setting for every ea) In addition to this i've some questions (i'm not so pratical in...
  3. C

    What is your advice on how long to use for back testing and forward testing?

    Hello everyone, I need some help here, I'm considering using a 1H time frame to trade, and with my EA, i want to backtest and forwardtest appropriately. I am familiar with the procedures and all, but what do you recommend should be the time period i backtest and forwardtest with? Should...
  4. E

    Looking to replace MT4 to backtest my EAs

    Hello everyone, long lurker, first post here. It has been a month I have started programming some strategy on metatrader, which is obviously the most popular product on forex. I'm pretty new to forex, but being a software eng (at work) doing C++ all day for many years now, MT4 is something I...