1. T

    Fast Backtesting

    Hi there, Has anyone found a VPS that offers high speed computations to hurry up backtesting? Most VPS services are pitifully slow when it comes to backtesting - my PC is much faster. Many Thanks,
  2. T

    VPS for Backtesting?

    Anyone backtesting on VPS to get high speed tests ??
  3. F

    You will never buy an EA after watching this video

    Hello everyone, I made a video showing you how a profitable EA is made.
  4. Stefx News

    Tickdata suite settings

    Hi guys! i would like to share my tickdata suite settings for backtest to undestand if, for your opinion, are suitable to test an alghoritmic and generic ea (i know that there is not only a backtest setting for every ea) In addition to this i've some questions (i'm not so pratical in...
  5. P

    Metatrader – what can it do?

    Dear forum, I am pretty new to forex and investing in general. A few weeks so far. I have downloaded an indicator for MetaTrader 4 as an .ex4 file – so I have no source code for it. This indicator basically paints some horizontal high/low bars onto my charts So far I have not done any...