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    Base2Trade are total not answer phone calls or acknowledge E-mails or Letters. they DO NOT allow any withdrawals.........they are totally corrupt......promise to make you good Profits but keep all monies.
  2. M Total Scam

    A friend introduced me to binary trading back in October of 2014. He had been using a person he found on the internet who was an excellent trader. I watched his account grow for 2 months then decided to jump in. The platform is I wired $5000 from my bank account to Base2Trade on...
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    Glad to see the FPA are standing up to Base2trade
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    Base2Trade Scam - No Withdrawl

    Please be aware of the Base2Trade Scam. I invested money with them, they showed consistent profits shortly after joining them, they constantly assured that they would honour withdrawls etc. (Unfortunately I put too much trust in a friend who recommended them who is also in this situation)...