1. Mrs T

    Pioption : Scam I can not withdraw the money.

    This all the e-mail from Pioption. I can not reach them any where, it seems they don't exist im Davis<> Thu, 10 Nov 2016, 14:33 to me -- Jim Davis Account Manager VIP Department Hello Botishepo As per our brief conversation over the phone here is the information about...
  2. P

    BBBmarkets defrauding contract

    Dears. After 4 month cooperation Victor Kalevra from offers me Stock Portfolio contract 425 000 EUR with Expiry date 01/01/2018. In this date respect 02/01/2018 was my account blocked and my account is out. E-mail discussed with Victor Kalevra has not result resp. it is on...
  3. T

    DO NOT trust BBB Markets

    They will definitely steal all your money. A Scam. Let's stop BBB Markets! I got scammed by their so-called Senior Broker David Hoffman and here is my story: I actually started with a minimum investment of E 200 upon sweet talk and promises by David. I was given a “bonus” of 20E. I did not...
  4. S

    BBB Markets

    I Been trading with BBB Markets from November 2016 with Alex Avery and David Weizmann. I had two long term trades and have won and had a balance of € 18300.00 I have made a withdraw request and the Alex phone me very upset with my request. Alex the mannish to lose the hole €18300.00 in two...
  5. D

    Manipulation of trading platform?

    Hi, I've been in binary trading with this company for about 8 months now. A month ago, my broker has placed a trade on 12-Jun and entry value at 86.80. It is supposed to expire on the 12-Jul. However, just 2 days before it expires, the ongoing trade values were being changed. Entry date and...