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    ToroPROfit :confused::confused::confused::confused: ToroPROfit Da tempo questo broker sta pubblicizzando la sua attività in Italia. Ha il sito internet all'indirizzo ToroProfit Circolano chiacchiere che si tratti di un broker SCAM....... Qulcuno può fornire maggiori notizie più precise...
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    When requested to withdraw my balance and close account; they are refusing claiming that I did not make enough volume
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    BFOREX SCAM - $ 48,000 Please Help!

    BFOREX representative called me and was in constant touch with me till i invested $ 48,000. Now none of them are responding and will not refund my money. I am not talking about the profits, i Just want the money that i invested $ 48,000. How do I go about this, I have heard FPA is the only...
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    Dear traders, BForex is a big scam. I would like to say two things regarding Bforex which are indicators of scam: 1) BForex told me that we will devote a professional after activating your live account. Yes, it was correct . they assigned a trader to me but whatever he told me...
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    BForex can't keep their story straight, but decided they can keep this trader's money

    BForex can't keep their story straight But decided they can keep this trader's money Ibham1 had an account with BForex and another account with one of their whitelabels. He says he didn't even know that the WL was part of the same company. He made good profits on his trades. Then his...
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    Bforex SCAM

    I opened an account with in December 2009. I successfully withdrew my deposit and some profits in February 2010. However, when I continued to make profits and attempted to withdraw further profits in May 2010 my account was frozen. I received an email from Bforex Holdings saying...
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    BFOREX LIMITED: Scam Alert Alert!

    Traders beware!!! BFOREX LIMITED is a big SCAM! I deposited money with them and made profits for 5 months. But when I tried to make my first withdrawal, they froze my 15K account and cancelled my trades. They refused to discuss the matter or give any explanations, and simply stated that “you...
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