1. N

    Problem Lee Elbaz Case: BigOption

    After observing how the case unfolds since a year from now, I wonder why the owners have not been involved, whereas they are the people who enjoyed more profits from the binary options business, namely in BigOption and BinaryBook. The brand BigOption started in late 2013. The main operations...
  2. dannygirl13

    BIG OPTION problems

    I am an old man of 63 years old who live in the Québec, Canada. My English is very good and in last april I have seen a pub on your AutoTrading Robot. I am retired 15 years ago and my wife was very sick and at the hospital. I was amazed by your video. I have filled your form and 10 mins after I...
  3. Z


    Dear, I have been trading with since a year, deposited 1300USD and received 1300USD bonus. I have currently 3800USD in my account, as per their bonus policy which I have sent to them by e-mail, they require a volume of 30 transactions for Every 1 USD bonus granted, that is...
  4. Anonymous213


    2017-02-13 Text removed due to copyright complaint from The FPA is uncertain if the complaint here is from the same person who complained earlier at or not.
  5. BigOption_is_Scam!

    My complain against BigOption

    I’m going to submit the internet crime complaint against binary options brokerage company “BigOption”. Could you please recommend me the most relevant European financial markets’ regulators and authorities where I could submit a report about this binary options scam? Optionally, please post...
  6. S

    BiG Option stole my money

    I opened an account with Big Option on 2nd October 2015 with USD 250. Upon finalisation the verification process I was called on 13th October by my account manager Mr. Frank Melvin. A very aggressive sales person, he convinced me to deposit more money and I went ahead and put $2,000. He also...
  7. Izzypower


    Complaining about the Company BIG OPTION Hi Guys, I have invested with Big Options, they had this thing called Binary Breaker Auto trading which I dint even know was related to this company, I wanted to find out if the software called Binary Reaper really works, than after I put $250 I saw...
  8. KrishnaS

    Problem BigOption SCAM?

    I made 2 withdrawals for my mom's hospital bill on last Monday 27 July 2015. My Expert Trader (Kevin White) from BigOption told me that he did some reserved trades with investment bank last week which could not be cancelled. It sounds like auto trade for 2 weeks long term. He said he reserved...
  9. D

    Big Option, crooks and scam artists

    I signed up with Professional Robot George S .They then signed me up with BIG OPTION to trade on there platform . I sent BIG OPTION 240 euros to start trading with. BIG OPTION notified me that i could NOT start trading untill i had sent in certain security documents which i complied with.When...
  10. F

    VXMarkets, OptionsMaker, German Binary Bot : World's leading scammers !

    I will give you my experience with the scam brokers VXMarkets and OptionsMaker... Those brokers are pure scams and I will explain to you how the process works in 6 warnings ! Links : "An Expert Consulting company" based in Seychelles with an obscur office in London...
  11. R

    Scammed by Bigoption

    hi, i deposited 3k$ in this company ( i signed a contract with this company and it's cleary shows that the min trade is 100$ max is 800$ minimum trade duration 15 min maximum 60 min they provide me what they call an expert trader and what he did is just losing all the...
  12. J

    RESOLVED - Warning SCAM broker

    Scam Broker is making many excuses and not yet paid my withdrawal. I send my 4 proof of documents. my account was verified. I did not accept any kind of bonus, I want to withdraw my own money. I am really not sure what to do. Please help me.
  13. A


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  14. R scam broker

    i had made money transfer to from june 2014 and they are using many reason such as delay bounced 3.we will investigate and up to now i didn't get right answer