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  1. A

    Binary International web site is not working

    Binary International web site is not working hence cannot contact them. I have my money in their account. How to withdraw the money.
  2. M

    Binary International CROOKS!

    Wish we saw this site BEFORE sending funds to Binary International!! My wife and I wired funds to Binary International in November of last year, after a SKYPE call with our "Account Manager", Mr. Michael Conaway, who promised us no less than a 10% monthly return. Each month we monitored our...
  3. @Will

    Binary International preventing withdrawals is failing to honor any withdrawals, without any explanation. They have reduced the the maximum payout per month to $5k, They have an automated script to cancel all withdrawal requests without you knowing about it. (refer to the attached 'BI Withdrawal Cancellation...
  4. P

    Binary International Refuses to allow my withdrawal Has been contacted by phone, by chat, by email and no one will execute my withdrawal. First, I attempted to use the on-line withdrawal tool but kept getting a server error. So I contacted chat and they just argued with me and said their platform was taking...
  5. S

    Binary International - still waiting for my money after almost half a year

    i registered with binary international around last february. profited and i decided on june to quit and am waiting since June to receive my money back. they did only one wire transfer back then. they told me they would send every month 5000 euros because they faced problems with intermediary...
  6. X

    Binary International / ITM software HQ scam

    I have problems to make withdraws in Binary International. They have kidnapping my investment (11300 USD). In the 20/10/2016, I finished all the conditions, I try make withdrawals and they cancelled. I have a contract with BI that if they say me today that it is not valid. I made accordance...
  7. S

    Resolved - Binary International: No proper response on withdrawal

    Hi All, I wanted to report here the withdrawal issue i am facing at Binary International. I have no issues regarding the verification, bonus terms or anything but still my withdrawal is showing in a pending state. When i contacted support all they are telling is that it is in process and they...
  8. R

    Binary International A wolf (Scammed and Humiliate Me)

    I attach prove of my deli-ma and my below statement. I also forward my prove of innocence to BI. At first, I though Binary International is a good broker but over the months I realized that they are good in two things. One, making sure you only have cash on paper ( they will do all it takes to...
  9. I

    Resolved - Binary International's system fault

    I have been a loyal customer of Binary International for years and never had any problems. At one stage my balance was quite low so I started placing 1 euro trades which they advertised on their front website. To my surprise, the company was offering to 'close' a trade when it was going in the...
  10. F


    This broker is the biggest scam ever. Try to deposit money there and you will see how hard is take money back. They are not regulated , they even say that they are based in UK but this is not true. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM They are already wanted by FBI and bloced by US Visa and Mastercard!!!
  11. T

    RESOLVED | Binary International - stay away from "Risk Free" trades

    On April 23rd Binary International issued a press release heralding their new "risk free trade" offer. The full release can be seen here: Binary International Press Release In it they state "any deposit that comes in and ends up being lost in trading, will be refunded to the trading...
  12. B

    Binary International

    System lag i was happy witht them untill now and they locked my out of the platform Given the ty[pical binary excuse that its my computer and not there system. Then if that were the case why did the demo execute properly? The lag cost me a win or an increase in the spread price
  13. D

    Binary International to offer Forex Trading?

    Hi Forum Members, I was chatting with Curt Dalton at ITM Financial about binary brokers and forex trading. He told me that more and more binary brokers are offering forex trading and expanding into the forex market? Does anyone have any experience with a binary broker who started out as a...
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    BINARY INTERNATIONAL - Just Got Paid and Free Software

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to update everyone on my trial with Binary International. They are a new binary broker that was a new twist, they have a suite of software downloads that you can attach to a demo account and practice trading. I signed up awhile back because I wanted the CAD/JPY...