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  1. S

    Binaryonline BULGARIA Withdrawal complaint

    Good day, I refer to my previous correspondence with you and your replies and advise that I have re-considered my present position with Binaryonline and have emailed them that I am not prepared to wait indefinitely for so called turnover to be achieved as I have now been trading with them WITH...
  2. S

    Binaryonline Bulgaria SCAMMERS

    I joined B.O. in Aug.2017 with a deposit of $250 I traded with the help of an agent Johnathan who disappeared off the scene, then with Robert Short who was very good to me and helpful, after him came Diana Marshall who persuaded (scammed) me to deposit more money on the pretext of an Apple...
  3. A

    Resolved: BinaryOnline - can't withdraw the funds

    Hi to all, I don't even know, if I should tell the whole story with binaryonline, because as I read, we all have THE SAME story with binaryonline ... Well ... In december 2017 I registered at I invested 250 €. I have made some profits with traiding and now have 373,63 € in...
  4. C

    GUILTY Case# 2018-104 | chall3ng3r vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have started with Binaryonline in December 2017, later they proposed that I do the Algo testing, and deposited more money a total of 5000 USD, made profits, when I wanted to withdraw...
  5. C

    Been Scammed by

    I started my account in December 2017, my supposedly account manager Victor Bagrov ( who doesn't respond to my emails anymore ), was contacting me many times a day to increase my investment from USD500 to USD20'000 to have a better profit margin. I refused, the after few weeks, he contacted me...
  6. Kathyb

    Problem Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and glad to have found Forex Peace Army! (Scammed by

    Hello there, I'm afraid I've been scammed by a broker (not sure if I can mention the name on here) but they won't give me my £20,000 back so I need some advice they cannot talk themselves out of, that will enable me to get every penny back! I know I may seem foolish handing over such a large...
  7. K

    Resolved: unregulated thieves

    Hello people, I'm having trouble to get my money out from the master thieves called Last year in November I have deposited 500$ and since than they refuse to send my money. I have attached an screenshot to prove my deposit and the canceled withdrawal without reason. I have...
  8. A

    BINARYONLINE refusing to allow a withdrawal

    Hello, I deposited $250 with Binaryonline a few months ago. After a million calls from different people and being seriously confused about who my details have been shared with I decided not to trade. Yesterday I requested a withdrawal and received this response. What absolute BS. This was the...
  9. G

    Binaryonline cancel withdrawals

    Hello, I have tried to withdraw from binaryonline and they cancel the withdrawal request without reason. I want to know what I should do in order to get my money from these scammers. I have deposited 250 euro and I try to withdraw my remaining funds, around 220 euro.
  10. S

    binaryonline withdrawal problem

    I signed up an account with binaryonline and deposited 500$, my account was full verified. Some days ago I have asked an withdrawal request as I need my money for personal reasons but they didn't processed the withdrawal as they promise to do in 2-3 business days. From my point of view I think...
  11. S

    Resolved: BINARYONLINE is a scam don't process my withdrawal

    Hi, I have an problem with the broker, they refuse to process my withdrawal request. They insist to give them my phone number but I do not want to do this because they account managers are very aggressive and will disturb me everyday calling and ask me to deposit money in...
  12. J scammers, they reject all withdrawals

    Hello, I'm from Italy and I wish to advise the people to stay away from the brand because they will not let you withdrawal from their platform an single euro. I have joined an robot called and deposited 250 euro with this broker BinaryOnline. I decided to...
  13. G


    Beware danger to dial with this company. BinaryOnline FRAUD. They get your money and do not let you go away unless you loose all. Was carried by Binadroid robot to BinaryOnline ( fake TRUSTED BROKER ). We are now at the fifth personal trader who calls me trying my consent for working with...