1. T from UK scam

    has anyone else been pulling into this binary scam when looking for a forex robot. I have documented the manipulation of charts to cause losses and when confronted cut me off the chat line. Then made me go trough compliance and then say they are investigating .Nothing happens and they in gnome...
  2. K

    BinaryBook Withdrawal scam

    Sometime last year I signed up with Binary book with a deposit of $250. After trading for a while I lost it then my "expert" talked me into depositing a further $2,500 which I did. After a few trading mistakes I almost lost all of it. Then they offered to give me a bonus of $1,000 which I...
  3. L

    Stay away from BinaryBook!

    2017-02-13 Text removed due to copyright complaint from The FPA is uncertain if the complaint here is from the same person who complained earlier at or not.
  4. MCL

    I too was lied to by Binary Book

    I too was lied to by Binary Book. They now will not let me do a withdraw of profits after having made over 3k in withdraws in the past. At that time there were no conditions other than usual delays, stalling tactics and the like. Now, they say I need to trade 30 times the bonus they gave me...
  5. D

    My issue with

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission by Dr: KHALID A: My Binary Book Account Number: #120866 ) This is my worst scam story with Starting: I opened an account with : Sat, May 23, 2015 at 12:12 AM Deposit: I have deposited 1000$ into binarybook, using Debit Card...
  6. Hakon a scam ?

    Hello, I tryed a new ROBOT recomended by Mickael Freeman. However the ROBOT did not work i stoped it. I order withdaval of the amount left. Binarybook chat told me i can not make any withdraval before i talk too the acount manager. I just informed them i can not talk soo just send the money...
  7. T

    BinaryBook-easy to deposit-hard to withdraw?

    Hi guys-It was early march and as a new retiree,I had much too much time on my hands. I decided to try my luck with a few binary robots- Like many other Aussie members I was temped by the the thought of having a little extra income long term. I thought $250 was low risk with such potential -...
  8. T

    My problem with BinaryBook

    Hi, I am with Binary Book as well. I started Trading with Anna and everything went well. I started with $500 and I gain over $2000. She told me if I can increase my trade with a $5000 portfolio. I told her I was unable to do at the time and she said it was okay I can build with what I have to...