1. L

    Scammed by Binary BrokerZ

    I was scammed by Binary BrokerZ out of my life's savings under the impression that my money was invested and growing. Can anyone please help me to recover my money or know the whereabouts of the thugs who scammed me? Charge: Theft of Investment Funds. Amount: US$ 88 963.85 DSMG Ltd trading as...
  2. A

    Binary Brokerz

    I opened a trading account with Binary Brokerz in May 2016. I deposited $51000.00. See attached letter from my Laywer regarding my dispute with them. I could never make one withdrawal and when I requested a new broker as my current broker (Mila Romanov) cancelled all my withdrawal requests, al...
  3. D

    Binary Brokerz - Cyprus/London

    Has any body got any contact numbers for these Fraudsters, they have done one with many thousands of my money, have you any contacts for authorities ect who may of closed them down?? Jack Cruz & Nicolas Cavilleri both thieves. Any Help gratefully accepted. Thanks Dave P.
  4. M

    Binary Brokerz cannot be trusted

    I registered with 1K Daily in April 28, 2016. Few days after I received a phone call. I thought it was from the trading company I signed in. The agent persuaded me to deposit 5000 GBP. He talked me out in consulting my spouse. He assured me my deposit will be available to withdraw after 2...
  5. E


    Gday, I began trading with Binary Brokerz in May 2016 with a deposit of $5000.00 but was persuaded to inject a further $5000.00. A so called senior broker by the name of Chris Gold ( cannot confirm if this is his real name ) started trading and was doing OK. When there was any losses he would...
  6. C

    Binary Brokerz and the Cyprus Police

    Hi all - and please share - my experience is not different from any of yours. Has anyone tried to contact the Limassol, Cyprus Police yet? I sent a message to them and am awaiting their reply. Here's why Cyprus: Binary Brokerz was a binary options broker that opened in 2015. They are owned by...
  7. Y

    Binarybrokez is a absolute scammer!

    HI everyone: I opened an account with Binarybrokez in March 2016 and started trading binary option with balance of 5000 USD . I am new to binary option trading ,but as an experienced Forex trader, I know the market is volatile and I must to minimize the risk in order to survive the market...
  8. G

    Dangerous BinaryBrokerz

    Attention guys to Binary Borkerz in Cyprus. It is a broker to trade binary option but is not certified by Cysec. I put USD 25.000 in this broker. I lost and now into my account there are around USD 7100. On December 6th I started procedure to get back my money, till now I did not get anything...
  9. H

    Binary Brokerz

    My first deposit is $300 and they will call you very fast , ask you to invest more money to be able to gain more profit . At the beginning i believe them and put more money but it never enough . They keep calling ,asking for more and bigger amount until i said i don't have the money and need to...
  10. J a sure scam a sure scam , they took my money than put a bunch of loosing trades ,than you can t even contact them after that
  11. A

    Problem Binary Brokerz Scam ...

    As if it hadn't been enough to have been scammed in a mega fashion by Banc de Binary in January 2016(, which I have been focusing on to date, I also appear to have been scammed out of USD$10,000 with Binary Brokerz...
  12. Melato

    Resolved - BinaryBrokerz seems to be ignoring my withdrawal request.

    Hi all, I opened an account with BinaryBrokerz on the 25th of July and I immediately deposited about $250 in my account. But since I am new to binary trading I needed confirmation that things are what they say they are. I managed to get my account verified on the 26th of July and I put on a...
  13. A

    Resolved - Binary Brokerz

    I was registered with Binary Brokerz wanting to try out the Centument Bot and received a call from Senior Broker Ben Gold who managed to dissuade me from using the Bot. After asking me a lot of personal questions including 'are you looking for a main income or secondary ? ' I informed him I was...
  14. A

    Binary Brokerz Review -

    I created this thread because the key words will be found by the search engines and victims might have a chance to come to this site. If you happen to see this, please search Binary Brokerz or Amber Options in this site. You will find the background about this broker and true stories of the...
  15. A

    Law suit against binary brokerz

    Given no appropriate response from binary brokerz (owned by DSML Ltd) so far, legal law suit against them is likely the way to go. If you are also the victim of binary brokerz, please do ring the bell here. The joint efforts work more effectively than the sole attempt.
  16. A

    GUILTY Case# 2016-063 | Angel ren vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: March 21 2015 - I received an email about binary options and I was interested and registered with binary brokerz to trade. I lost USD500 immediately and decide to stop. March 22 2015 -...
  17. B

    RESOLVED - Case# 2016-066 | bobsbeer vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I first got involved with this company on 28/1/16 and made an initial deposit of £250. I was soon contacted on 3/2/16 and 4/2/16 by Jack Cruz a broker who convinced me to make various...
  18. S

    Binary Brokerz (DSMG LTD)

    I was recently drawn into the scam known as CitidelLtd by whom I was auto-assigned to a UK broker, Binary Brokerz. Luckily I gathered information about the scam before losing too much money, but for more than a week now I have tried to make a withdrawal of my remaining funds from Binary Brokerz...
  19. B

    Resolved - Binary Brokerz

    I may have a problem, and it is looking likely that the above company are a possible scam. Website trading from offices in London. I rather stupidly got involved with this company in early February, and was persuaded by very clever marketing to deposit...
  20. svsingh

    binary brokerz - a scam , fraud company

    Binary brokers is a fraud company . our Deposited money , will be lost in one day , by placing the trades in Binary option -- by the so called senior broker , in our computer by Team viewer. they say - you deposit 10K usd, and they will give 100% Bonus, for trading, but they will trade in our...