1. carlluiz

    Interactive Option is SCAM, and are working with BinaryMatrixPro

    Initially I contacted them because after logging in to a site that offered a service called “BinaryMatrixPro”, and after I logged in “Interactive Option” and made deposit, I received an email from “BinaryMatrixPro”... This was a proof that the two sites are from the same owner, or working...
  2. S

    GUILTY Case# 2014-060 | szendro vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: This site is totally fradulent: The published win rate is 80%. The measured win rate is 45-50%. The social reporting is fraudulent. Proven losing trades are reported as wining...
  3. S

    Binary Matrix Pro

    Please study the thread started in the Commercial Zone of the forum: then please add further posts here. Please do not be shy or lazy. These people are criminals and we need to protect other...
  4. C

    Has Any One Used Bianry Matrix Pro.

    Hello everyone am about going ahead to subscribe with binary matrix pro and I thought it would be wise If I ask from my forum colleagues if anyone has made use of their services and if so how is the signal providing service. Regards,
  5. S

    Binary Matrix Pro

    This is a new service which offers signals for 60 second binary options trades on 6 currency pairs. I have been trying to use the service for a few days now and am forming an opinion but before I say anything I would be keen to hear from anyone else who is using the service.