1. N scammed me $10,000

    Hello, Back in June 2017, after seeing an article from a Facebook link stating Bill Gates had invested in a small company that use AI (binarytilt)for stock trading, I thought I’d give it a try and invested $250, installed their app and activated the auto trading. I live in Switzerland, but I’m...
  2. S

    Binary Tilt scam

    Please can you tell me how to go about trying to recover some of my money scammed by binary tilt please
  3. H

    Binarytilt Not Processing My Withdrawal Request

    I signed up with BinaryTilt last month. My account was successfully verified. However, when i made a withdrawal requesr more than a month ago, it is still not processed yet. They keep telling they tried contacting me but no answer. I clearly don't remember receiving any calls. In fact i asked...
  4. rhodie

    Binary Scammers (Binary Tilt)

    BT are truly a fraudulent binary trading house. 4 of us invested >AUD600k from Oct2016 & are now not getting any withdrawals & now BT have ceased any means of contact with us. Can you advise on best course of action as it seems a lot of the recovery companies offering services to assist are...
  5. L


    AS a lot of you I have been struggling with Binarytilt since summer (August) current year 2017. I startede by deposit 500 Euro, and as a lot of you I tried use the system. Although when I realized it was not a prober ref for stocks etc. I stopped all the activities. Since summer I have had 480...
  6. O

    Another victim of Binary Tilt

    I am another victim of Binary Tilt. I deposited with them 5,250 usd and almost certainly lost them. A couple of week after the deposit and sensing that something was wrong, I tried to withdraw 3,000 usd. My request was never answered and a few days later they changed my password and proceeded...
  7. A


    DO not deal with this company. I transferred £200 initially to have a play as I was interested in the automated robot. I had calls constantly from them but I generally ignored them. Then one day I get a call from DOMINIC NOVA who sounded great generally. I invested £2300 which I was a bit...
  8. R

    PARTIALLY RESOLVED Case# 2017-087 | Rasty vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: It all started on 20.06.2017. I found a post on facebook, about an investment of Bill Gates. Throught link I have been redirected to reffeed Jason Clark ( I registered...
  9. T

    Resolved: BinaryTilt doesn't Refund.

    Hello guys, the 17th of August there was a paid facebook add linking to one news in a digital UK newspaper that said something like "Elon Musk buys a tech start up", when reading the news this start up is RefFeed (of course the newspaper is FAKE). Then it all comes, RefFeed is connected to...
  10. M

    Resolved: and fake CNN story

    Hey all, First post here so please bear with me! I actually managed to get my money back, so maybe my experience will help you guys. The full story is important so do read it all. I'll start from the beginning. I was roped into this by clicking an ad one facebook on August 30th, link below...
  11. T

    Binary tilt refund

    I started with 250usd and did not do anything. 4 month ago they called me and fooled/persuaded me to invest 2200USD more and after that I wanted to make a withdraw with no success at all. After several mail contacts they wrote to me that they don't work with Swedish People anymore so they will...
  12. J


    Deposited $250 with this broker, did some binary trades lost $ 72. $178 remaining in the account. I was contacted every day by Senior Account Manager: David Banis with various offers. Eventually I accepted an offer by him: I deposit $ 1,000 / He adds a bonus of $ 1,500 and then enter into 3...
  13. B

    Binarytilt lost funds

    Hello i have traded with a guy named Steve Lewis that should have been someone ho repairs accounts when your not able to put in more money but same thing there just pushing more and more i have invest 53000 and now its lost according to them.
  14. P

    Binary tilt, took over my trades and emptied my account.

    The first impression was good, I was having a solid profit per day, until the proposal came to deposit more money, and the proposal for them to take care of managing the trades made, as I have no experience unfortunately I ended up accepting their help, because It seemed promising, but half a...
  15. R

    Binarytilt - Pending status -- withdrawal

    Hello ForexPeaceArmy, I got also one problem with binary tilt scamers. In June 2017 I payed 250 € on binary tilt account (debit card), after long discussion with their aggressive guys on phone. In the same day, I started to reach them all necessary documents, to get my account verified. After...
  16. P

    Resolved - Binary Tilt failure to refund

    I deposited into Binary Tilt back in April, just £200. Immediately I could not place trades and there was an error message popping up. I checked back a day later and the error persisted. I contact their "Support" for help but non was given, so I asked for a refund under their 7 day refund...
  17. A

    Binary Tilt firm and employees are scam!! Don't invest at this firm.

    Since the 19th of September 2016, I am a client of Binary Tilt, starting trading Binary Options, I invested 500 Euro. From the 20th of September, I was contacted by Miss Casilieris, “Chief Trading Officer at Binary Tilt Investment”. It is a long story by in total I have invested € 31.000,00...
  18. B

    Binary Tilt - Withdrawal Pending

    I created an account with Binary tilt and deposited some money 24th Feb 2017. I was assigned an account rep called Alan Smith - He contacted me daily with various trading opportunities. He then called me promising that he could make me £60,000 if I deposited £1,000 for an...
  19. K

    Binarytilt Scammers

    I have been scammed by BInary tilt for over £30000 and they are supposed to pay me £71000, They are terrible people with no scruples at all as soon as you tell Michelle Casillieris you have no more money to invest and to please pay me what I have earned they all vanish, no replies to any...
  20. mona18

    BinaryTilt ESTAFA

    Hola mi nombre es María, Y vivo en Japon.......... hace como un ano abri una cuenta con 500 dolares en BinaryTilt, al principio me fue mal perdi casi la mitad y quise retirarme pero no pude y descanse como dos meses..y.... volvi a intentarlo.... y todo fue bien,,, llegando a una suma de...