1. Kotjo.5x

    Fraud and scam korean guy can speak chinese they are one link

    Hello everyone . I want to share my experienced on december 2022 someone with no where contact me thru IG his IG is Maazn511 . He contact me sweet talker and want to change to whatsapp and he made sad story about his wife and then he luring me to bought crypto usdt . I loss 100000 usdt and i...
  2. Acele1233tt

    Scammer from - Chinese guy

    Hello everyone, I was so upset to lose all my money ($5500). I'm from Vietnam and a Chinese guy contacted me from Instagram. At first, I just want to chat like a friend to improve my English. His Instagram: love_qaq_888 Telegram : Mr.Zhang He asked me if I use another social network so he added...