1. G

    tradepulsefx is a scam (and blackmailed this trader into lying)

    Recently I got register to a “Tradepulsefx” broker through a guy named “Ankit Kumar Goyal”. I deposited $ 2526.11” on 11 Jan 2018 through Neteller. Initially he made a profit in one trade for $ 197. Later suddenly he said all trades have gone into loss. Neither is he sharing the master password...
  2. E


    My name is Eduardo Sierra, Im from Mexico Citye, I opened my account with on June 23 with 3000 USD I´m going to try to make the story as short as posible, but this month has been a total nighmare with this site. I started trading winning some position and losing some but...
  3. G asked affiliate to remove review from FPA in order to pay the previously denied CPA.

    At May 2017 I signed a partnership agreement with VantageFX. I start bringing them traffic, it was all normal and when payday came 19/07/2017, the Manager named David Bily refused to pay me because the clients "might make a withdrawal". After I sent a complaint email they offered to pay me...
  4. W

    Problem Partially Resolved - withdrawal issue

    Moderation Note: This thread will remain in Scam Alerts. It contains clear evidence that CitiTrader/Citrades employees altered the company's TOS and committed other unethical actions in order to try to steal a client's profits. Allow me to Introduce myself, I am a hard working university...
  5. S

    I Also Got Scammed by UFX

    I also got scammed by UFX.COM. First when I started with them my account was not going that bad. I made 10$ or 5$ from each trade that I opened...say around 10 trade so my profit was around 50$ showing up in my account. My account manager was a girl and she pushed me to add up more money into my...
  6. tradermoon

    Warning about (Temporarily hidden because of blackmail by broker)

    Warning about because they are scammers, I opened an account with them last year, they said me that have regulation from FCA but all are lies. In the beginning, they offer you a Semi-managed account with 20% profit and all that get, I had the profit over 23.000 usd and I deposited...
  7. tradermoon

    Anyone listened about (Temporaily hidden due to blackmail by broker)

    This broker is dangerous, you will have big problems with them
  8. S

    Problem CLIENT BLACKMAILED - Another Israeli thief or Bloombex-Options scam

    After my successful chargeback case agains today I am beginning my battle against another Israeli thief I am writing this post on behalf of my father who does not know English and therefore was deceived by these so-called brokers. He begin his trading...
  9. M

    Corrfx delayed withdrawals and blackmail emails

    CorrFx endless Delays of withdrawal request since 24 June 2016. For in depth detail on what happened please refer to I have attached deposit printscreens and withdrawal requests made from emails and corrfx back office. Till today I...
  10. S

    NOT RESOLVED - MaxOptions SCAM

    Stay away from Max Options!! Max Options lures you in by suggesting $250 for a starter account. They then show you to trade using live signals with your $250. The method for this is quite easy but returns ZERO profits and the $250 starts to erode away. During this time a "Senior Account...
  11. M

    GUILTY Case# 2014-044 | MontyWilden vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I made withdrawal request, my account manger was Enrico Falchi, he didn´t proceed my withdrawal request. I reportet case to FSCL. He promised me to proceed withdrawal if i drop my...
  12. M

    Problem capitaloneforex did not proceed withdrawal request

    I requested withdrawal about 4000 EUR at 21.08.2013, but nothing happened. New execuses every day.
  13. E

    Resolved | Big Apple Forex

    I tried their forex signals for 2 months (August and September) and was told that I would be given a 60 day money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with their service. They had many losing trades during this time so I contacted them concerning the gaurantee and I was assured that they would...