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    Blueberry Markets are Market Makers SCAMMERs (they are EightCAP in disguise)

    Hi All, This is a warning against Blueberry Markets and the "ECN" scam they are running. I have left a review previously and just recently was quoted by a fellow trader complaining about Blueberry Markets and it reminded me of this case I had with them. I managed to get some of the money back...
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    RESOLVED - Beware BlueberryMarkets scam. All who lost money with them pls gather here

    Hi, This is going to be a long post, but I promise you guys its worth reading till the end. I have been a victim of a scam broker with the name: BlueberryMarkets. When I had wanted to open an account, I spoke to an employee on their live chat and was explicitly told they were an ECN broker...
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    eightcap and blueberry markets

    Both brands are the same company, blueberry markets is a subsidiary of Eightcap. I'm surprised by the good reviews blueberry markets have and the bad reviews from eightcap. Any proposal?
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    Resolved - Beware Blueberry Markets

    Thursday (12-03-2020) going to friday (13-03-2020) i had 3 positions open, one on SP500 and two on Dow Jones. At the time 00.43 i put an order on US30 at the price 20550.00 i was almost 1000€ in profit at that time. I was tracking that order live, right then i noticed that the market wasn't...
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    Resolved: Blueberry markets alert

    At the moment it is not a scam but only a disservice. Last Thursday, I closed all trades open on the Blueberry MT4 account platform. My balance is 551.04. Monday I try to access the platform, but the server, I discover days later, that it is under maintenance, so I ask to withdraw my money not...
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