blueberry markets

  1. R

    Problem Blueberry Markets - Have my ID, want my ID again!

    I've been with Blueberry Markets for about a year, never had an issues topping up until today. My account has been verified since day one and i uploaded two forms of ID when i first joined. I just logged in (on the same laptop i always use!) to top up my account via debit/credit card and...
  2. dchronos

    Resolved: Blueberry Markets withdrawal problem

    After a week of trying to make my withdrawal, I still don't have a clear position from Blueberry... On February 12th, I made a withdrawal request for 219 USD in the crypto trc20 transfer format (note that on the website it is specified that it takes 24 hours ). After 24 hours I opened a ticket...
  3. vijiyasanthi

    Problem Blueberry markets

    Update Blueberry markets became very worst broker because very very slow withdrawal and now I can't make new withdrawal request because client portal withdrawal error(completed withdrawal shows pending)they not solving just small issue. Please help how to get my money back my mt5 ac 6035291.
  4. 6020wenwj

    Problem Blueberry Markets extremely slow withdrawal after regulation transition

    Hi fellow traders, I am using the platform for quite some time, and submitted withdrawal application before the so-called taken over from ACY on 27th Jan. And when the taken over happened, they said that I should submitted withdrawal again, but when I tried it, the client portal popped up a...
  5. W

    Problem Possible of price manipulation by Blueberry Markets

    I have been trading with Blueberry Markets for about 5-6 months. My trading account is 49322. On 14th April, Blueberry Markets platform was down about 30 mins, nothing can be done that time - unable to close or open a new trade. During the server outage, I was having a sell trade on Gold at a...
  6. M

    Abandoned - Blueberry Markets - spread widening manipulation

    Hello, I deposited £10k funds into a Blueberry Markets MT4 account via VISA debit card. In June last year. Whenever I placed trades, they’d go against me by a fair bit even though the markets were moving in the direction required. To mitigate the losses, I’d eventually stop the trades. I was...
  7. P

    Problem scammed my $44000 with manipulated trade execution

    Hello, All Masters and Traders, Today I am revelling the truth of how they claim in there website and how actual they execute trades. If you are small trader then they try small manipulation but when you have deposited a big amount then they will make big manipulation in...
  8. A

    RESOLVED: Blueberry Markets Scam.

    Hi Start trading this week with Blueberry Markets . After having profit of 3000+ $ I applied withdraw . next morning they proceed withdraw but removed my remaining balance 300$ . when I contacted they said we detect latency trading . but it was not latency trading I did scalping and all trades...
  9. P

    Problem Blueberry Markets are Market Makers (they are EightCAP in disguise)

    Hi All, This is a warning against Blueberry Markets and the "ECN" scam they are running. I have left a review previously and just recently was quoted by a fellow trader complaining about Blueberry Markets and it reminded me of this case I had with them. I managed to get some of the money back...
  10. S

    RESOLVED - Beware BlueberryMarkets scam. All who lost money with them pls gather here

    Hi, This is going to be a long post, but I promise you guys its worth reading till the end. I have been a victim of a scam broker with the name: BlueberryMarkets. When I had wanted to open an account, I spoke to an employee on their live chat and was explicitly told they were an ECN broker...
  11. C

    Info eightcap and blueberry markets

    Both brands are the same company, blueberry markets is a subsidiary of Eightcap. I'm surprised by the good reviews blueberry markets have and the bad reviews from eightcap. Any proposal?
  12. K

    Resolved - Beware Blueberry Markets

    Thursday (12-03-2020) going to friday (13-03-2020) i had 3 positions open, one on SP500 and two on Dow Jones. At the time 00.43 i put an order on US30 at the price 20550.00 i was almost 1000€ in profit at that time. I was tracking that order live, right then i noticed that the market wasn't...
  13. G

    Resolved: Blueberry markets alert

    At the moment it is not a scam but only a disservice. Last Thursday, I closed all trades open on the Blueberry MT4 account platform. My balance is 551.04. Monday I try to access the platform, but the server, I discover days later, that it is under maintenance, so I ask to withdraw my money not...
  14. A


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