1. M is a scam

    stay far from, it's a scam, i am wating a withdraw from 4th december of 455 €, but docs are ok and i am verified.. their last email of 15th january was: "Hi Mario, I receive the documents. I spoke with the Payments Department and this is the reason for reply you...
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    TRUFFA con BOcapital

    TRUFFA con BOcapital nn aprite assolutamente niente con BOcapital e' assolutamente 1 TRUFFA NN VI RENDERANNO MAI I VOSTRI SOLDI ed e' allacciata a TRADING XP LI E' LA STESSA CS NN VI RENDERANNO MAI I VS SOLDI gli intermediari con cui parlere, cercheranno in tutti i modi di convinervi ad...