bollinger bands

  1. P

    FTS Toolkit - Bandwidth Ratio - Indicator showing relative Bollinger Band levels

    Fellow Squad Members, Here is a simple custom indicator that calculates price levels on a scale of standard deviation (Bollinger Bands). That is when price pierces Bollinger Band dev = 2.0 the value of this indicator is 2.0 or -2.0 (upper band and lower band respectively). Installation...
  2. wifiguy

    B Band Width Ratio Indicator

    Hi, I'm looking for an indicator that will show (in a separate window) the width ratio of the Bollinger Bands. I have downloaded everything I can find but none will work on my MT4 platform. BBandWithRatio.mq4 and i-BandsWidth.mq4 seem to be the most popular downloads but they don't work. Any...