1. Zforex

    Global Markets Tumble Amid Earnings Worries and Bond Yield Surge

    The Asian market experienced a substantial sell-off, with Japan and South Korean benchmark indexes leading the region's declines. In Australia, shares closed at a level not witnessed for over a year, as investors drew insights from Wall Street's overnight performance. In Europe, stock markets...
  2. Zforex

    US Yield Curve 2023

    The yield curve is a graph that illustrates how the yield of an investment instrument changes over time in financial markets. Normal Yield Curve Inverted Yield Curve Flat Yield Curve Our expectations in this theory suggest that long-term bond interest rates should be higher than...
  3. fullertonmarkets

    Why Powell Doesn’t Bother to Lower Bond Yield Now?

    Jerome Powell has a goal that is bigger than the bond market’s near-term inflation concern. In perhaps his most forthright press conference since taking the helm of the central bank three years ago, the Federal Reserve chair laid out some critical messages for investors who have been propelling...
  4. fullertonmarkets

    Bond Market Message: More Significant Stimulus Package to Come

    U.S. equity benchmarks traded lower in the earlier session, as Wall Street is heading into the last full trading week before the Election Day. Traders may need to prepare for a tight range trading session in coming day. The Dow and the S&P 500 are coming off their first losing week in four as...
  5. fullertonmarkets

    Bond Market, China GDP May Reverse Risk Sentiment

    Market confidence waned after the best week in decades, USD/JPY may continue to move lower US stocks soared last week to post their biggest weekly gains since 1974, extending a remarkable rally despite evidence of increasing levels of economic strain due to the coronavirus pandemic. Markets...
  6. C

    Bond Market Indicators for Forex Trading

    Capital3x has launched its two prized and popular Bond market real time Indicators for Forex and futures trading. Capital3x has always traded on the concept of yield spread analysis. The performance is for all to see on our site. Capital3x has operated for over 10 months now and has given a...