boston merchant financial

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    BMFN does not allow me to withdraw my deposit

    I have been trading with BMFN over some period of time. On 2, 9 and 21 May 2014, I gained some profits and BMFN cancelled all of them. On 14 May, they told me: "The entry prices of the following tickets have been corrected to the true tradable market price. Tickets [...]. Your account has been...
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    Boston Merchant Financial scam

    On November 8th, I had made a profit of between 7k and 9k, just like I had other times before, but minutes after the American news of 2:30 PM, some pending orders of BUY STOP that my EA set near the market price for the GBP USD and AUD USD opened at 10,000 pips of distance in a 5-digit platform...