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    Options University

    After buying the forex mastery system and being told that it had life time updates and support in Dec. 2009 they pulled the softward on May 31st 2011 saying that they were dissolving the company. When contacting the company they say that they are not a part of the company that is being...
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    Forex Joe Brett Fogle Options University Liars

    I am sick, sick, sick and tired of clicking 'unsubscribe' to intelligence-insulting news letters from these people. Namely a guy by the name of Brett Fogle and another lair he hangs out with by the name of Forex Joe. BEWARE: These guys write pages and pages of reviews about themselves on...
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    Brett Fogle is threatening to sue the FPA to have a forums post removed

    On Wednesday January 27th, FPA member BJF2015 (Brett Fogle) reported a post by member Shannon44 in this thread... The report says... "The postings this person has referenced are to websites...