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  1. Finansified

    Searching High leverage brokers!

    Hello everyone! I am trying to understand how you guys perceive high-leverage forex brokers. Does the amount of leverage an fx firm offers play any role in your perception of them? Do you consider brokers offering high leverage (e.g., 1:500 - 1:1000-1:3000) scammers or more likely to scam you...
  2. Ricardo 69

    Searching Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good broker !

    Who has a prognosis after the fall of BTC? Will it keep falling? I want to continue trading as soon as possible.
  3. A

    Searching Forex cfd broker affiliate program

    Hello,we are looking to start working as affiliate partner on investing(forex,cfd) industry and are valuting some brokers to decide witch to start.Has anyone experience on working as affiliate partner with any regulated broker?Have you had problems as not getting paid(shaving from broker...
  4. C

    Searching Forex Broker in the United Kingdom

    Hello everybody, Started a forex mastery course, "Really helpful" But been having a hard time choosing a broker , I am in the UK , Do you have suggestions ? Thanks in anticipation
  5. sigitpambudi144

    Discuss Why Broker Manipulate Trades?

    i already posted about mydilemma about choosing broker, but there are ussues that bother me 1. If general forex brokers or even regulated brokers could take profit from spread, commission, swap and etc, why brokers need to manipulate chart for their trader like changing candle, requote, freeze...
  6. sigitpambudi144

    Searching Forex Broker Withdrawal in Huge Amount ??

    Hello i want to ask about forex withdrawal, i see a lot of post and comment by broker representatives about their broker is best ... But i want to ask about withdrawal cause i see a lot of post about withdrawal issues affected a lot of brokers including the good one 1. How much max withdrawal...
  7. J

    How to Choose the Best Online Broker?

  8. dzikis

    Searching In need of Regulated and Fixed spread broker

    Hi guys. Does anyone know a proper, regulated broker with fixed spreads?
  9. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Broker Selection, List of 19 Criteria

    This article will discuss things like spreads, immediate executions, guaranteed stops, safety of funds, regulation, customer service options, etc. and assist all forex traders with criteria for selecting a good forex broker.
  10. T

    Searching Recommendations For Brokers for US Client

    Hello, I have been slowly returning to the forex market and was looking for some broker recommendations. I would prefer them to be regulated in some way as I am a US customer and would want the ability to trade crypto on them as well. I looked at a few and tried doing research on IG Forex...
  11. Vinagre

    Searching Hello

    Hello I´m here to know what is the best broker for me and to have some information about them Good week!
  12. nsinfodesk

    Compare cTrader brokers

    I noticed there are only four brokers using cTrader platform and tops among them is icmarkets and pepperstone. What's your experience with either of them Which one of them is better Please, honest and unbiased opinion is needed and will not victim you if your choice go bad in future
  13. Passiontrader

    MT5 and Stereo Trader

    I was just curious if anyone here uses Metatrader 5 with Stereo Trader and how you like it and with which broker? Thanks.
  14. Ghazi13

    Searching Nano Lot Broker

    Can somebody recommend me a reliable forex broker that offers the option of nano lots. You help will be highly appreciated.
  15. nunky

    Searching Cryptocurrency broker

    Anyone whos already trade Cryptocurrency, please kindly share recommended broker ....
  16. AsstModerator

    Searching So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

    Hello Troops, I'm feeling a little burned out by hearing nothing but scam, Scam, SCAM all day long. I have a broker that I don't like. The reason I haven't changed is that I'm worried a new one would be worse. So, what I really want is to hear from as many of you as possible. If you've...
  17. W

    Searching Best Broker Advice

    hello and happy to be here! :cool: ...most all brokers seem to be damned one way or another except those with limited feedback, so which are the best 3?