1. M

    SAFECAP Ltd (owner of MARKETS.COM) - provided CRM platform to

    To: Safecap Investments Ltd Licence Number: 092/08 Licence Date: 28/07/2008 Company Registration Number: 186196 Telephone: + 357 22 232 248 Fax: + 357 22 341 918 E-Mail: To whom it may concern, I would like to highlight the following facts that came to my attention...
  2. T and stole my money and icoption.con stole $750 of my money i invested $500 with after that i investigated about them then i got them fake company . Also i invested $250 with then my acoount reached $320 i asked them to withdraw money but they did not respond . I...
  3. A


    In December 2014 I invested a total of $11,450 USD with broker capital, which I made after they called me offering investments with high rate. I was new and they told me that they will train me how to make the trading. The guy told me where and what to click and the next day my balance was 0...
  4. F

    Issues with account managers in Broker Capital

    I myself have a lot of issues with account managers in Broker Capital. My mistakes was to trade basedon their recommendations and when trades went bad they called to harrased me to top up. Many times i slammed the phone as i didn't want to loose money anymore. Then they promised me a 100...
  5. P

    Broker Capital > Inter Global

    Dear FPA, My father deposited around $5000 last summer into Broker Capital and traded on forex. He passed away last summer and the money was never withdrawn. I came back to my hometown for the memorial and see that there is no more broker capital and inter global is the new broker. Broker...
  6. J

    GUILTY Case# 2015-057 | Jennyyy vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: They called 10 times during Nov -Dec 2014, and finally convince me to put money in. I first put 25000, and they promise me to get back to 20000 in half month. I don't trust it, but...
  7. J

    Attention about

    It is a fake broker company and trick beginner investor. They even ask you to sale your house to trade. It is scammer. ..... Don't believe their promise. They are lie.
  8. lifedreams

    The account manager from is disappearing after investing money

    Since 28th August this company (broker capital ) they called me in my phone number and I don't know how they could find my number because I did never register in this company , then they made account for me and they called me many times to convince me to deposit 1000 $ and I told them sorry I...