1. jorgennielsen

    SPAM claiming and charlie goldman are honest !

    i saw somebody wrote i thread on charlie goldman and i just want to say that everything they say its true ,and i feel bad that one person that didnt even invested write falls information about the company im trading with and i invested most of my money with them , i withdraw...
  2. hastingsderek

    Charlie Goldman ? SPAM promoting "the legend" Charlie Goldman from brokersoption?

    Charlie Goldman ? the legend Charlie Goldman ? Charlie you are the best man don't listing to no one here , I will tell you something guys , I have trading experience of 25 years , shares bonds forex CFD and more , this guy Charlie Goldman is the best traders I ever saw ! in my life , he have...
  3. J and Scam

    Apparently this company has multiple websites, and trades using fake entry points. I received a call from one of their brokers Charlie Goldman saying that they had won a lawsuit against OneTwoTrade (a previous binary company I had lost money with) and had managed to retrieve $1K of my money from...