1. Thomas72 issue

    Hi all, Don´t know if this is the right forum, but i wanted to ask for some professional opinion/advice. My broker wants me to sign this DoD, but it feels like they are scamming me for access to my account. I have uploaded it, hopefully someone understands what it says better than me. Btw i know...
  2. S

    Scam by Brokers Station

    my brokers - Brokers Station lured me join their platform and I ended up depositing USD 10,000 in multiple installments in December 2017. I finally accumulated USD 5,000/- in profits and when I put my withdrawal request, they stopped all sorts of communication with me. My USD 15,000/- is held...
  3. W

    Embezzelment by Brokersstation

    The comany embezzels their clients funds. The site is set up to scam and solicit innocent investors, taling them into quick deposit for testing, and continously advicing more and riskier business to make you add more funds they can confiscate. Withdrawls of equity without exposure, and paid in...
  4. E

    brokers station is scam and thief

    if you deposit on their website they don't withdraw your money back, even they don't give your initial investment, but I'm so stupid I don't know why I've been scammed again, even now they are asking me for withdrawing your money you have to deposit 50 percent of your current money in our...