1. E

    Caesar Trade aka CTFC Ltd, TFB Global Ltd, TFB Ltd, CTFC Technology & Administration etc.

    FIRSTLY I KNOWS ITS LONG BUT ITS WORTH READING Although the FPA has put these as a scam I would just like to ensure that this is reiterated as much as possible. I have dealt with Caesar Trade for a number of Years mainly for testing out Eas and signal providers, I wanted to test live so used...
  2. P


    I am prabhakr ingle having account with caesartrade . my account number is 2100036105 , sir i deposit my initial fund 2000$ and by trading my profit is 5722.22$ , but company not given my withdrawal and my account is disable . company given reason me that some other person...
  3. L

    CaesarTrade - Unable to withdraw fund

    - Joined CaesarTrade since 2014, back then they were still decent. - Requested internal transfer from my live account end of last month (May 2016), transfer was never completed. - Few days later (early June 2016), I could no longer login to my dashboard nor access my trading account. - Tried...
  4. vontogr

    Caesartrade is Scam

    Hi guys, I am trying to withdraw just $100 from my $1,800 account at the broker named Caesartrade. I did properly submit withdrawal request on 30th OCT, I received confirmation email. Today 30th NOV after many request from my side I still got nothing. They just replied couple of times that they...
  5. H

    CaesarTrade, the perfect SCAM?

    I opened an account with CaesarTrade early in January 2015. It was regulated in a New Zealand, it had some resolved dispute and acceptable rating on FPA, it offered great bonus on deposit AND it seemed good (execution, spread, limit orders, online support...) I traded first the no deposit bonus...
  6. Z

    Caesartrade gives not my money back.

    In december 2015 I have open an account by caesar trade on 400% bonus base and I have total deposit 1250 streling pound and received 5000 pound as bonus, the condition was that I must be make 500 lots. After that I made 569 lots and tried to withdraw I have received an email from caesar trade...
  7. yosef4u

    Caesartrade is scam and crook

    Hi Caesartrade is scam and crook - Caution ! All of us here have been hurt by Caesar trade is just a thief and a crook And I ask: Why to give up? It is precisely that thos who have injured - we now have a duty (if we choose) To Warn others so they will not suffer as we suffered ... That's the...
  8. A

    This is a complaint against CAESAR TRADE

    I requested a withdrawal of all my funds from my account. This started at the end of May. I complied with all the requests that they made with regard to documents required. Then the delaying started. I e-mailed them several times, and had several chat sessions with them. They seemed to want...
  9. R

    caesar never pay out (pending approval)

    Dear ronald stolk, The following internal transfer has been received and is pending approval: Transaction ID: 216** From Account: 100-002-0017*** Amount: USD 1,000,000.00 To Account 100-000-0017*** Amount: USD 1,000,000.00 If you did not request this conversion please...
  10. R

    I'm scammed by

    Pls help me to recover my $16,000 from caesar trade. I joined their 400% bonus, grew my account to $16,000 plus and my account was disabled without any reason. I need my hard earned money
  11. P

    CaesarTrade (CTFC) scam

    CaesarTrader (which is a brand name of CTFC limited) is a scam. They are not registered with its respective regulatory body, the New Zealand Financial Markets' Authority as they claim. CTFC is owned by an Israeli citizen, registered at the address of a New Zealand corporate registered...
  12. W


    This broker is a biggest scam even involved in fraudulent activities closing profit trades off quote and resulting profit trades into loss and robing money from my account. This is evidence below i am sending them emails no one replying them at all neither are they resolving issues...
  13. C

    CaesarTrade! Big Big Big Scammer!!!!!

    Never ever trade with Ceasar Trade! I deposited US$30000. Then traded a while and made profits to account balance US$81,236. When I applied withdrawal, they deferred my application with compliance review. After 2 months, they reset my account balance to US$30000. I sent complaint to FSCL...
  14. Master Yoda

    CaesarTrade membership terminated in New Zealand’s FSCL

    Somehow I am not surprised. The official statement by FSCL: “We decided to terminate CaesarTrade’s membership because CaesarTrade no longer has a New Zealand representative and it is not co-operating with our investigation process. We have notified the Financial Service Providers Registrar that...
  15. M

    Caesar Trade is a fraud..

    Hi, my name is Michael Agunede. i deposited $1000 on august 2014 with caesaer trade under 400% bonus offer. they gave me 4000$ as bonus. and they told me to trade 400 standard lots in order to withdraw my capital including my profits and bonus too. i finished 400 standard lots threshold by the...
  16. H is a scam website

    hello let me start by saying my name is kory Hamilton and am no longer going to be trading with caeser trade it is a scam the took from me for my hard earned money.... I had requested to finally make a deposit..... of being so hesitant ....but I made a deposit went threw on cc immedietly...
  17. francisco munoz E

    CaesarTrade unwilling to cancel and refund

    This is my problem: I have 2 live accounts and since the "system upgrade" i cannot access both of them, simply it just appears as "invalid account" at the MT4 platform, and incorrect password at the "new platform". I have sent several, i really mean SEVERAL emails (2 digits...
  18. F


    I have opened an account with them on Monday last week. I arranged specific spreads etc with Eric directly before funding my account. It has been more than week now and I have not received the spreads that was promised. I have contacted Eric many times about this - and his answer is always...
  19. francisco munoz E

    CasesarTrade problem

    Hello everyone, specially to any employee of CAESARTRADE This is my problem: I have 2 live accounts and since the "system upgrade" i cannot access both of them, simply it just appears as "invalid account" at the MT4 platform, and incorrect password at the "new platform". I...
  20. N

    Problem Caesar Trade scammed me

    Hi All, I deposit 1 000$ and trade, I trade win and my balance is more than 4 000$. But Caesar Trade don't send me all Deposit and Profit money. Please help me. Many tks