canadian dollar

  1. Groundfinance

    US Nonfarm payrolls and Canada employment change

    Today, both the United Stated Nonfarm payrolls and the Canadian employment change reports are released at 15.30 UTC+3. NFP expectations are the following: Since the US labor market is already very tight and spare capacity in the economy is quite low, the average wage numbers steal the show...
  2. Jarratt Davis

    CAD Analysis – 13th of April

    CAD is a neutral currency at present as BOC remain satisfied with economic developments and has signaled no bias for further easing. Core inflation close to target and the oil price has started moving higher during late February and March which bodes well for the resource exporting nation...
  3. C

    Speculators Continue to Hold Big USD Short

    Commitments of Traders (COT) Report, 16 October 2012. The most recent weekly COT report show that the specs are short the Euro, and they have even larger positions short the USD and long the commodity currencies (Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian Dollars). The position, long these three...