capital one forex

  1. W

    captitaloneforex not pay my withdraw , and Banned my live chat

    I start trade with capitaloneforex in September 2015 , and Deposit several times by Until 28 Dec 2015,My first withdraw I made some withdraw 1500 USD. for spend in New year coming . I made quick withdraw from website,and I also chat with Mr. David , He said ,wait for 24 hours sir...
  2. T

    Capital One Forex Ignores/Refuses To Process Withdrawal Requests

    On 04/06/15 I opened a live forex trading account with Capital One Forex Limited. The account number is 109325. I funded the account with $3 020.00 immediately and capitaloneforex added 100% bonus to my account, which brought the starting trading account balance on my account to $6 040.00...
  3. AlexeyZ Scam

    Hello! 12/05/2014 I made a trading account with $ 100 WM and $ 10 with RM. Little gain by selling. 12/17/2014 Wednesday sought to withdraw $ 200. Said that withdraw after 12 hours. The next day was told that 2 days after checking withdraw on Friday. Friday passed. No money. Contact...
  4. G

    Problem i can not withdraw my money from capitaloneforex

    :(hi i have tow accounts with capital one Forex 79190 and 97189 and i can not log in to them because the company changed my pass . and i tried to withdraw from my accounts but tell now no answer i do not know what i am must do to get my money back.
  5. A

    Осторожно! Мошенники!capitaloneforex!!!

    Осторожно! Мошенники!capitaloneforex!!! Здравствуйте! Хотел сообщить всем о компании-мошенниках. Компания "capitaloneforex". Я зарегистрировался в начале августа этого года в этой компании. Внес депозит в размере 500$ ,заработал 2000$. Затем я подавал еще 3 раза заявки на вывод, но средства...
  6. M

    Problem capitaloneforex did not proceed withdrawal request

    I requested withdrawal about 4000 EUR at 21.08.2013, but nothing happened. New execuses every day.
  7. Master Yoda

    Problem TarsierFX is CapitalOneForex

    After I have made an investigation I can tell you that TarsierFX is part of the scam company CapitalOneForex. 1. You have this guy Paul Cheney who apparently holds both TarsierFX domain and one of the owners of CapitalOneForex (attahced) 2. My good friend Donald has emailed CapitalOneForex an...
  8. J

    Scammed by CapitalOneForex

    I have been having endless problems with capitaloneforex. I have had issues with manipulation of price, etc, and when I asked for a refund, they refuse to process. Enrico is also the problem person I dealt with. I would like to receive resolution as soon as possible. I have been screwed over by...
  9. M

    Problem Capital One Forex withdrawal problem

    I have an account in Capital One Forex I make deposit $500 and get bonus $500 So,my balance is $1000 and now my balance has $1400 I want to take all my money about first deposit $500 and my profit $400 But Capital One Forex until now wasn't send and process my withdraw It's being one...
  10. S

    FCA warning for Capital One Forex

    Please find the warnings from FCA about capital one forex in FCA Website we need to post this everywhere to make aware that Capital One forex is a scam Capital One Forex / - Financial Conduct Authority
  11. G

    Problem World Number One Scam Broker Capitaloneforex

    Hi, All Forex Trader My name is Ghulam Dastgir i have an Account Capitaloneforex my Trading Account Number is 94988 i make a this Account Deposit Through Skrill 250$ after make this Deposit Capitaloneforex give me 150% Deposit Rescue Bonus 375$ this Date 16/04/2014.My total Balance come in my...
  12. I

    Problem Capital On Forex scamm

    I have been trading from 3 months with this company with the account no. 96941, having attracted me from their bonuses. The last month I have made a deposit of 1000 Euro and having the trading bonus of 160% and two withdrawal request one of 100 Euro and the other one of 400 Euro form my account...
  13. S

    Capital One Forex Scam

    How can we stop capital one forex from stealing people money and doing this fraud, is there any regulatory body to stop this
  14. F

    RESOLVED | no paid profits from Capital One Forex

    I have opened account in end of July 2013. I have fund my account with 500eur by Skrill... When I would like to withdrawal some money on start of September 2013 and they told me that account is in USD currency (fund 500eur, they set account with 500USD). After few days of negotiations on emails...
  15. D

    Problem Beware! Capital One Forex is a scam company and did not return my profit after him promise me

    Hello friends Im talk i the past with Mr Samir Beool to solve my problem he sent for me my deposit money only after 3 month and promise me will sent my profit later and tell me if you erase all things you wirte about the company you will recive you money , I do that and recive my deposit but...
  16. S

    Problem 2nd scaming with me capitaloneforex.

    hello , my name is sheikh rashed rahman my account number in capitaloneforex 55770. here i submit a review about their bad service .i think that's why they are angry with me. this is my 2nd start thread to you about their biggest scamming. after 1st claiming in here about their late...
  17. R

    Problem Cannot get my request of withdrawal at

    Hello i am Rhealyn a client of I have funded $100 on my account 89274 and they gave me 50% bonus..I profited and grow my account into $365 so i request a withdrawal of $200.. after few days i follow up my request through chat but they said that they did not receive any...
  18. M

    Problem CAPITALONEFOREX not responding to withdrawal request

    HI ALL, CAPITAL ONE FOREX is not responding to the withdrawal request . MY WITHDRAWAL OF $679 . MY AC NO 94622. I HAVE MADE WITHDRAWAL REQUEST THROUGH NETELLER LAST 3 DAYS AGO. MY AC MANAGER NOT REPLY ON SKYPE LAST 4 DAYS. HIS SKYPE ID: rayan.cofx . Any feedback/help is...
  19. M

    Problem CapitalOneForex problem with withdrawal

    Hello friends, I have a problem with them, I can not receive my money already for 10-12 days. I have account 92171 /investor password dpCgDyV3/ with Capital One Forex, I made $500 deposit received $500 tradable bonus and began my trading. I earn $700 and asked my manager Makcim to...
  20. R

    scam capitaloneforex broker

    capitalone is big scamed and big bustered broker...they are ready to get deposit always but when you tell about withdrawal then they do chat close and don't give you moeny...i do deposit and do trade and get profit but they are not give me withdraw..