capital trust markets

  1. J

    Scammed by Capital Trust Markets

    THIS IS THE WORST BROKER EVER! And I have used a lot of brokers. They are the biggest scammers of all times. I deposited money with these theives and traded my account, and when I had a profit, I tried to test their withdraw method because I was interested in using them, as I ALWAYS test brokers...
  2. A

    Capital Trust Markets the biggest scam broker

    My problem is very easy, I just want to have my money back. Capital Trust Markets doesn't pay my withdrawal of 4200 USD, I get no answer and no funds back!I have been waiting 2 months now!! However they worst thing is that this company can do this without problems. They are steal money from a...
  3. M

    CTM -

    I opened an account with Capital Trust Markets | Online Forex Trading Broker | Regulated MT4 Broker in May 2014 and deposited 5000USD. Then I was trading with them until December 2014 when the executions became very bad and I decided to withdraw the money. I made only 25% of profit on the...
  4. AsstModerator

    Reza Mokhtarian Charged with Fraud by the OSC

    Reza Mokhtarian has been problem for a long time. First, he used every possible method, including legal threats, threats to take down the FPA, threats of hiring hackers, threats against me, threats against my family, and more to try to prevent his clients from being able to express their views...
  5. C

    Were you able to buy a super car and own a big home by trading Forex

    Are you wealthy?
  6. AsstModerator

    2015 Scoundrel of the Year Vote

    I decided to do something a little different this year. Instead of voting on which scam brokers are the scammiest, I thought it might be more fun to decide which of the Scoundrels of 2015 is the most deserving of the title Scoundrel of the Year. Candidates are restricted to the 4...
  7. J

    GUILTY Case# 2016-017 | jorgefx111 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Hi, i had an account with capitaltrustmarkets 9437. This broker as you know is out of bussiness. They didn, t return our Money. i couldn,t close my orders and i lose the Money of...
  8. adeel

    Capital Trust Markets-Reza Mokhtarian(FRAUD & SCAM)

    Hi I am syed, victim of fraud and scam by Capital Trust Markets whose owner Mr.Reza Mokhtarian is now a famous global fraud person, I have been going through many forums where I found about his scams and fraud to people globally in terms of money people invested for trading purpose in Capital...
  9. X

    Capital Trust Markets - Big Time Scammer

    I begin to trade with them in 2014. Their sweet mouth talking is so promising, until I fall in love with them. But then, they started to changes their rules in the way I trade so that I will lose my money. I traded with Capital Trust Market just like the way I traded with other brokers. My...
  10. M

    Capital Trust Markets & Reza Mokhtarian Scam

    Deposited over $100k with this broker and when they closed down, our account balance was $0. We tried so many times to contact Capital Trust Markets through email, phone calls, and nothing. They wipe our account clean and stole our money. We contacted New Zealand regarding Capital Trust Markets...