1. E

    Problem my withdrawal not processing

    I requested withdrawal on 22 July but not received yet. Every time i contacted thier customer care they says we will inform relevent department
  2. S has scammed me out of 392pounds it hsppened when l had opened a poition .. l tried too top up my position and pressed the deposit butto

    I was trading with capital. Com. I had opened a position too sell . An automated service requested that l deposit mre funds. I went too deposit more funds my position closed costing me nearly 400 pounds.. straight away l knew this was a scam. I hadnt heard from my accounts manager for 2 weeks...
  3. B

    Problem CySec Broker, Scammer ,, i request withdrawal fund on Nov 24 2019, still processing

    CySec Broker, Scammer ,, i request withdrawal fund on Nov 24 2019, still processing. my ID is 53679815 , I requested fund withdrawal USD 450 on 24/11/2019. I sent almost 30 emails to chase them. But they said they already sent message to Neteller, which I use this method to...
  4. AlessandroPino

    Spam from a employee

    Originally Spammed into GENERAL FOREX TALK I can say that I enjoy, but of course it is always connected with risk, especially if you are a new one there. I'm just trying to follow an updated info related to forex trading and tips from experts to build my own strategy. When I started I've found...