1. M

    Problem CapitalOneForex problem with withdrawal

    Hello friends, I have a problem with them, I can not receive my money already for 10-12 days. I have account 92171 /investor password dpCgDyV3/ with Capital One Forex, I made $500 deposit received $500 tradable bonus and began my trading. I earn $700 and asked my manager Makcim to...
  2. R

    scam capitaloneforex broker

    capitalone is big scamed and big bustered broker...they are ready to get deposit always but when you tell about withdrawal then they do chat close and don't give you moeny...i do deposit and do trade and get profit but they are not give me withdraw..
  3. M

    Problem Capitaloneforex - Real Scammer - Never go for this company

    I was recommended by someone to capitaloneforex and deposited $100 to trade as trader. By later, I found their spreads were small and interested to try their IB which offer $10/ standard lot which is very high. I was appointed and IB trading account was created. The sales manager, Kamala asking...
  4. S

    SCAM Broker solved my withdraw issue, and all my deposit and profit are received.. tanks
  5. S

    Problem capitaloneforex withdrawl problem

    i am sheikh rashed rahman my account number in capitaloneforex 55770 but there withdraw system really very bad:( because already i was requested here my 2nd withdraw of 127$ in date of 7-10-2013 but till today they do not send my money. and all are profits ! so i do not understand whats the...
  6. FxMaster

    Problem Beware from capital one forex !!! Scam scam scam

    Well I have submitted inquiry and some web links to NZ governments and I got below reply from them... Dear Salim Thank you for the information you have provided on Capital One Forex. Please be aware that FMA does not provide confirmations of good standing or legitimacy about any...
  7. L

    capitaloneforex dangerous

    capitaloneforex dangerous capitaloneforex I delete the position of lot buy 7.3 in profit of 4000 euros. I'm not from explanations of this gesture and after two days the remaining balance reset a me 4500 euros plus bonus of 2500. At the request of because of this gesture total silence and the...
  8. F

    Problem Beware! CapitalOneForex is a scam company

    They made an illegal withdrawal of $2710.55 from my account and closed my trade causing me a loss of $682.56. I requested a withdrawal and until now I have not received my money back. It has been more than 2 months already.
  9. F

    Capitaloneforex is refusing to pay my money

    Hello I'm P.G. and I have 2 accounts with capitaloneforex. the account numbers are 55026 and 55531. The first one is my trading account and the second one is the Affiliate account that I have with this company. The case is about my withdrawal from account number 55531 with the amount of 5795$...
  10. D

    Problem Resolved? - Beware! CapitalOneForex is a scam company and No wanted return my money ???

    hello friends capital one forex capitoal one forex scam company and no wanted return my money for me i talk with mr Elias Khoury he didnt answer for me to return my money in last 2 weeks he talk with me and tell me delette all thinks im write here or in any other place to accept return you...
  11. A

    Problem capitalone forex is a scam

    capitalone forex has refuse to allow me withdraw from my account since the shut down of liberty reserves.they said since the lost, i have to bear the lost too
  12. D problems

    I have very bad experiences with capitaloneforex, God knows that this is a company or IB but they always claim as regulated company but their style of work is like a ib with manual work, They were not able to calculate the brokerage commission for IB of 5 clients only, They spent one week for...