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    Scammed by Capital Trust Markets

    THIS IS THE WORST BROKER EVER! And I have used a lot of brokers. They are the biggest scammers of all times. I deposited money with these theives and traded my account, and when I had a profit, I tried to test their withdraw method because I was interested in using them, as I ALWAYS test brokers...
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    Capital Trust Markets

    Well this company servers have been shut down for the past 3 days and appears to reach the end of the road. I wrote to FSA in New Zealand and they said they are in process of being de registered with them. I am trying to withdraw my money without any success. Now their customer service reps...
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    Capital Trust Markets - Big Time Scammer

    I begin to trade with them in 2014. Their sweet mouth talking is so promising, until I fall in love with them. But then, they started to changes their rules in the way I trade so that I will lose my money. I traded with Capital Trust Market just like the way I traded with other brokers. My...
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    Capital Trust Markets the biggest scam broker

    My problem is very easy, I just want to have my money back. Capital Trust Markets doesn't pay my withdrawal of 4200 USD, I get no answer and no funds back!I have been waiting 2 months now!! However they worst thing is that this company can do this without problems. They are steal money from a...
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    CTM -

    I opened an account with Capital Trust Markets | Online Forex Trading Broker | Regulated MT4 Broker in May 2014 and deposited 5000USD. Then I was trading with them until December 2014 when the executions became very bad and I decided to withdraw the money. I made only 25% of profit on the...
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    unique legal scam from new fx company (capitaltrustmarkets) (ctm)

    unique legal scam from new fx company (capitaltrustmarkets) (ctm) ابتدى الموضوع لما صديف عرفنى بالشركة اللى اسمها كابيتال تراست ماركت وقال انها عندها مميزات كويسة وهى الاسبريد قليل من 0.4 الى 1.4 بيب على اليورو دولار وبتعطى بونص قابل للتداول 50% على الايداع وبالفعل اتاكدت من االمعلومات دية عن...