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    Global Market Insights: Inflation Trends, Central Bank Policies, and Geopolitical Impact

    Fed officials have countered recent market optimism following the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, where three rate cuts were promised for 2024, sparking a rally in the financial markets. Currently, market participants are assuming a 69% probability that the first rate cut will take...
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    Global Currency Dynamics: The Interplay of Labor Market Data, Central Bank Policies, and Oil Demand

    The US dollar is rebounding following Wednesday's data showing a lower-than-expected increase in US private payrolls for November, suggesting a gradual cooling of the labor market. Market focus now shifts to Friday's non-farm payrolls for further insights. At the same time, the euro weakened to...
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    U.S. Inflation Surges, European Central Bank Decision Awaited, and Arm's Debut on Wall Street.

    Despite August's US inflation being higher than expected at 3.7% (compared to the anticipated 3.6%), most Asia-Pacific markets experienced gains. Meanwhile, European markets opened with a mixed outlook, with investors eagerly anticipating the European Central Bank's upcoming rate decision...
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    Rapid tightening on the way - the week ahead

    Central banks playing catchup There has been incredible resilience in equity markets in recent weeks as central banks have ramped up interest rate expectations, particularly at the Fed, and bond markets have at times priced in a recession. While there have been wobbles in stock markets, they’ve...
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    Week ahead - Rate hikes expected as inflation keeps rising

    It’s been another volatile week in financial markets with events in and around Ukraine continuing to dominate. Sentiment is still very headline-driven and an enormous amount of uncertainty remains around the outcome of talks between Ukraine and Russia and the sanctions being imposed on the...