cfd stocks

  1. Emma07

    CFDStocks Scammers

    AAoption/CFD stock I started trading on the trading platform form AAOptions. A Karla Hetzler, a maternal type, recommended the investment of 3000 Euro for a silver campaign. It should take a few months and I would get a profit of about 700 Euros every week. After all, I'd get paid out in...
  2. L

    CFD Stocks

    I have invested $70000 USD and now they are threating to close my account which now stands at $209000 USD as I do not have another $50000 USD to invest with them. There is $70000 worth of bonuses in the account. They have said that I went onto a platinum membership and I need to invest more...
  3. R, es una estafa completa!

    Por favor, aléjense de, es una estafa completa. En mi caso, estuve probando algunas técnicas para optimizar las Opciones Binarias y sin querer terminé invirtiendo 250 USD (aunque querían 500 USD) en Inmediatamente, me contacto Luciana Ortega...
  4. M

    Scammed By CFDstockscom

    I am not very sure how things work with this kind of thing. I was coerced over a few weeks in August by a very clever trickster working for they also used the name AAoptions. As a result and also due to having a sever hearing loss from an illness I have had for a while now. I am...