1. PhoenixAdvisorsLtd

    Looking for Vortex Assets/MIB700/CFD1000/Newtradefx victims - criminal case taking place in Poland

    Dear Sirs and Madams, Introduction: My name is Marcin Iglicki and I am the Co-Founder and one of the managing directors of Phoenix Advisors Sp. Z o.o. (LTD), located in Poland. Some of you might know about us from the big thread about our company that you can find under this link on this forum...
  2. B - Algo Trading

    After several persuasive calls, Mrs. Rose Guion, Head of VIP Sales and Services - CFD1000, convinced me to invest in their Algo Trading solution (CFD1000 Algo Trading) which would give good returns. I was skeptical about investment because which I checked their website on, the...