1. A

    90 days Challenge. Starting balance 200$

    HI, #FOREXPEACEARMY Hopefully, everyone is doing fine. I'm a crypto trader who started in late 2016 during this time I developed a formula that I need to test in the Forex market I'll trade Forex, indices, Gold, and commodities. Updates will be posted every week, either way, loss or profit...
  2. arigoldman

    Info Funded account challenge?

    Hey everyone, not wanting to spam or suggest anything, I wanted to ask if any of you has taken the so-called Funded Account Challenge some brokers offer? Is it a scam or it's actually a good deal? Thanks!
  3. Vianny

    My Challenge: 20 usd to 1000 usd.

    It's a challenge I want to accomplish again. I've done it in the past. But using leverage and with not 1000 trades. Now the challenge is: 20 to 1000 usd with 1000 trades at least. The Strategy is: Swing trading based on technical analysis. Top down analysis, supply and demand levels...